For Our Kids Safety

I must admit that I got scared with my youngest daughter’s school. Their school does not have a real field for the students to stay in case of emergency; their buildings are a bit old as well.  I really thought of transferring her to another school in the next school year.

But I was glad that a letter was sent and posted in my child assignment notebook the letter consists of their long vacation 3 weeks actually, to give time for engineering works to ensure the safety of the kids while in the school building. They need ample time for the contractors to finish their jobs. I hope they also construct a real parking area for the graders as well. Due to extended Christmas vacation, they also asked our understanding that they might extend the school year by another week too. So their Final Card Distribution Day instead of March 31st they moved it to 4th of April.

Now I feel secure for my daughter’s safety while inside the building, I am thankful that they are really thinking of our kid’s safety by fortifying their infrastructures.

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