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Tent For Her Camping

Last Sunday, Mj handed a letter from school to her Daddy it is a letter of approval from for her to join in camping on Friday. For her to join the camping she needs to have a tent and a sleeping bag. I know I keep on saying this that we are in a tight budget because of our house, but my husband did not mind at all to buy her a tent since it is needed. He said we will just adjust for other things, he went to the hardware to inquire and he found a reasonable price for a tent and a sleeping bag. I was still in the saloon pampering myself for manicure and pedicure and he just went back to the hardware alone to buy those things. Mj could not contain her happiness when she found out that her Daddy bought her a tent and sleeping bags, she really thought we could not afford it all since I told  her to try asking her classmate if she could share the tent with them.

When we arrived home, my husband and Mj set the tent right away in the front yard.

 photo cats_zps90c75886.jpg

After like 30 minutes figuring out how to set the tent, finally they were able to resolve the issue. I helped a little though because they are already arguing what to do next and taraaaan here’s the tent for Mj’s camping. I bet she is very very excited, the camp will start on Friday and they will be home on Saturday.

Here’s the tent with Daddy in the background.

 photo HPIM2257_zps53787193.jpg

And of course Faith went out from her tutor real quick to have a picture with the tent

 photo HPIM2258_zpsda1e7a7e.jpg

And of course I joined of taking a picture our new set-up tent:

 photo HPIM2260_zpsd4b2f746.jpg

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