They Should Be Equipped Enough

My eldest even my youngest daughter would always ask to turn the radio on whenever they ride in my car. Thank GOD 2 months after I bought the car, I decided to have a car stereo installed. My youngest daughter would always find it boring when she could not hear any music, if she would complain at all, I would play our CD right away or tune it to our favorite station. Yes we have a particular station that we always listen; I even have plans to visit their station one of these days. Geez if I would visit with Faith I am sure she will get amazed with all the equipment that a station have, I am sure her eyes will grew big if she ever see mixers. I could also recommend a site where they could make a canvass, a denon mixers at musicians friend perhaps? Anyway, I know they have their own mixers, but I am sure they will want to catch up with new technology. I haven’t visited a station lately, the last time I visit was when I was still in college, and the one that they had was kind ‘a old. Oh well, if they want more listeners they should be equipped enough right?

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