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When They Went Outside

My husband was in the navy and served in aircraft carriers.  One of the things he tells me was that when they went outside during flight operations, they had to wear hearing protection, either earplugs,  “over the head” hearing protection or a combination of both.  It can get quite loud.  If you have ever been to a concert you know that the noise can be quite bothersome and if the noise is to loud it can actually harm your hearing.   Wearing  concert ear plugs is one way to protect your hearing at concerts.  I can think of several other uses for this type of hearing protection, from wearing them on a pistol range or at a sporting event.

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Focus On Training And Everything Will Follow

Now that the Family Day is over, my eldest daughter is then preparing for their competition on March 1; this is her first competition for this year. I am not sure if she could get a medal this time, the last time when she competed in Tagum, she was not able to get one. Oh well, medals doesn’t matter to me, I mean yes it has a big role when you are competing but what is the most important when competing? For me it is the sportsmanship and the camaraderie of each athlete in the event. One more thing that is very important to me is the training; I mean if you are focus with your training, everything will follow.

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Excited For Family Day Tomorrow

Mj is preparing for her Family Day tomorrow; this is the first time that SPC is having a Family Day at school. Mj is one of the members of Drum and Bugle and she is handling the melodica. I told her she can be a lyre if she likes but she said she is more comfortable playing the Melodica because it looks like you are playing with a piano. She find lyre more difficult than the Melodica. Whenever we arrived home from the pool, she would play 1 or 2 songs in her bedroom to practice. I am so excited for her performance tomorrow, I know it’s not that big but if you are a mother then you would understand me.

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Its About The Quality Of The Instrument

Making music is not all about the instrument being played it is about the quality of the instrument and auxiliary equipment like amplifiers, sound mixers and other devices that when used properly enhance the sounds the instruments produce.  There are great ebs amplifiers that can really enhance the sound produced.  Since my eldest daughter has begun learning the guitar, I have taken an interest in the various equipment she may need, if she decides this is something she want to pursue.  I have a lot to learn, but just seeing what kind of equipment is available to enhance the quality of my daughters music has been an education.

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