Red Cross Here She Comes

I told my eldest daughter that if her grades were not good in the finals, no more summer activities for her. She could not enroll to Red Cross or any musical activities. I was ready to transfer her to other school but she have to undergo bridging then when she passed the assessment test that’s the time that she can enroll but if not she have to continue the bridging until April 26 but there is no assurance that she can still get a slot. So we decided for her to continue the SPC however I told her that if she cannot make up with her grades, there is no activity other than her activity at school.

She was nervous when we went to her school the other day, she doesn’t want to go with me but I told her she should be there so the teacher can talk to her. When we went to the room where her teacher was waiting, the teacher immediately checked her performance then informed us right away that she does not have any summer class. I was really thinking there is, especially with her TLE (Home Economics before) subject. She was so happy when she learned that and there is a bonus, she was invited to come for their recognition practice on Monday for a special award.

She was even happier because she can proceed to her summer activity and that is to become a Red Cross volunteer, she has been planning to become one of the member since last year and right now it will be realized then.

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