The First One Who Opened The Gift

I was not able to wake up at Christmas Eve. since it was raining so hard and its cold and its nice to sleep when its raining. I woke up past 1 in the morning already.

I thought the kids opened their gifts but how can they while they were sleeping with me. However Mj was the one who woke up and opened her gift. She knows exactly what it is since I keep on sending her pictures what she likes.

On the other hand, she opened the bag this dawn and since she knows it and she picked the right one for her.

 photo 15741244_10211052650608296_4312842318297534601_n_zpspunpesxr.jpg

Nike Bag is ready for you Mj

 photo 15726805_10211052650368290_6617700574787728831_n_zpsn5kys1yj.jpg

Can’t wait to use it

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14 Responses to “The First One Who Opened The Gift”

  1. Emily says:

    Ah, the joy of unwrapping a gift. We are still happy even though we already know what’s inside!

  2. nesro says:

    Hahahaha, next time dont tell her so that she has that element of surprise. Im glad she loves it.

  3. Li Chuen says:

    Cute! Last time my parents would just pass me my presend when I wake up in the morning. Haha..

  4. Mariel C says:

    WoW!!!!! I loved my gift too! Thanks! <3

  5. Liyana says:

    so cute!!! she looks happy for sure!! merry christmas love!

  6. it is always so much fun opening a gift… and even better if it is something you wanted

  7. I know right, unboxing gift is the happiest thing in this world! And Merry Christmas!

  8. Rane Chin says:

    Wow Merry Christmas. What a thoughtful gift for her

  9. Shub says:

    So cute…Christmas, Santa and presents bring pure joy for kids and us.

  10. Carmen Hong says:

    Ngaw, that is so sweet of you! Can’t wait to the day I have kids to get them gifts.

  11. Lia Hasty says:

    Merry Chritsmas. Happy New Year 2017!

    Lia Hasty

  12. Abang Fadli says:

    Always love to unwrap present…. and love to see people unwrap present, the moment is priceless.. merry christmas

  13. Ivy Kam says:

    Unwrapping gift is the most exciting moment for me too, Merry Christmas 🙂

  14. Sharon Lee says:

    Awww she definitely love the gifts!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

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