Visited Her Previous School

Yesterday my youngest daughter and I went to her previous school to attend the literary contest of her school mates, she needs to watch to get some ideas on how to do things on the stage. I’m telling you I am the one who is very nervous of this contest, it’s her first time and she is just so cool about it.

When we arrived at the school where they held the Poem and the story telling contest, Faith then exclaimed “wait, a minute, I know this place!” of course she know the place because she spent her pre-school, kindergarten and grade 1 years in that school. She was looking forward seeing her classmate but her classmate is in another building already because they are in the same year with Faith and the building that we went was the pre-school/grade 1 department.

Faith asked me to take a picture of her, she never been to this place after she transferred school and I guess she was overwhelmed seeing the school that she started.

Today is her declamation contest and upon writing this post, I have goosebumps already. I am not asking her to win or something, she just has to memorize and do the actions that she has been coach with. And I am sure she can do it. Way to go Faith! I am always proud of you!

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