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Swimming Lesson In Red Cross

I knew this from before that Red Cross has a summer class for swimming, before we had our getaway last weekend I enrolled Faith in basic swimming. We started on Tuesday and we ended up just today. The first day was a lot of fun for Faith, she was able to meet some new friends, which was okay but the thing is when it was her turn for the lesson, she get distracted and she won’t listen. I keep on reminding her to listen, I like her to learn at least one stroke it has been like lots of summer I enrolled her for swimming but she ends up nothing to learn because she won’t focus and she won’t listen, she just keeps on playing. Good thing that the instructor was so patient and strive so hard for Faith to learn but sad to say she wasn’t able how to learn one stroke, she knows how to float and some stuffs but I want her to learn the 4 strokes. Sigh, maybe just maybe I would bring her to a coach so she can learn the 4 strokes and will start swimming and soon she will start her first competition.

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No Driving Lesson For My Eldest

Mj was looking forward for a driving lesson this summer, she already expected it to be enrolled but when inquire how much would be the cost if she will enroll; the staff said she is not yet qualified to get a student license because she is still 16 years old. I thought 16 years old can get a student license already but to her disappointment, she is not allowed yet. She can when she turns 17 years old, oh well save by the bell because my car is acting up and I may need to overhaul, grrr I just wish I can dispose right after it is repaired.

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The Piano Is New And Yet

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The piano was bought last February so Faith has something to use during their recital but I didn’t expect they will lost the charger. They gave me a different charger and now I have to check in the mall if they have a charger for our piano, I just hope they took good care of the accessories so it will not messed up now I have to buy another one for it, not to mention this piano is so new.

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Will Have A Getaway This Weekend

My kids are very excited this weekend obviously because we will spend a night out in the beach. I planned this getaway for a week now and my kids are looking forward for it especially my youngest daughter. She has been preparing her toys for the beach for a week as well. This outing is for my family, the whole family including their cousins and my sisters. I will have two nights off from work, I filed a vacation leave a month ago and finally I can smell the breeze coming from the sea water, it has been a while. And it has been I had a little bonding with my kids, I wanted to be just with them but my eldest daughter suggested to bring the whole family instead, in that way it will be more fun. Good luck to my expenses.

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