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I Will Know When I Get There

I’d been planning to buy Faith her school supplies, she is very excited about it but her Dad would wire us some funds later in the afternoon yet. So maybe tonight we can already start buying her school supplies. I need to spend our money wisely since I will resign very soon; I am just rendering my one month notice. I am still contemplating either to apply to another company or not yet. I want to stay home yet to take good care of my kids but I am afraid we can’t afford all the expenses. I don’t know, I will know when I am already in the situation.

Faith keeps on telling me that she saw a Wanted sign near her school, I might be interested since it is near at work. You know how kid’s thinks, I hope it is that easy and I hope that even if I only take the Secretary jobs it can level the earnings with what I have now but not of course the salary will be too little that it could not even support my transportation. As I said I will know when I am already in the situation.

If I am there and I realized that I have so many things to sacrifice to live without work and if I would find out that I might sacrifice also my kids needs then that’s the time that I will start looking for work again, probably in a BPO since they are the only company that can accept me despite of my age.

I will know when I am in that situation, and I will decide but hopefully we can afford to support everything even without me working. I am hoping, I will know when I get there.


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Benefits of Bison Meat

Bison meat is increasing in popularity for its delicious flavor and lean texture. For those who want to improve their diet and consume a healthy diet, bison meat is an ideal food to enjoy each week for its high nutritional value. When you’re looking for extra variety with your menus, there are a few reasons to enjoy fresh bison meat.

Known to Be Grass-Fed

Most bison meat is typically grass-fed and does not contain hormones or other additives compared to beef. Bison meat isn’t in high demand where it’s being produced at a mass rate, making it easier to obtain bison meat that has roamed freely outdoors in natural habitats.

Fights inflammation

You can increase your intake of selenium with bison meat when you want to fight inflammation in different areas of the body. It works to reduce the risk of oxidative stress, which can lead to cellular damage and can cause you to age at a faster rate. Men will also have healthier blood lipid panels and can have a healthier heart.

Increase Iron Intake

Many people suffer from anemia and low iron levels, making it necessary to consume more meat. You can purchase bison meat online and have it delivered to your front door when you want to consume high levels of iron, which gives the meat a bright red color. It’s considered to be more absorbable than the iron that is found in vegetables and is more efficient at preventing low energy levels and iron deficiency in the body.

Energizes B Vitamins

B12 is an essential vitamin to obtain each day to improve your physical and mental health. You can obtain more energy from B12, which helps to increase metabolic functions. It can also improve cognitive health, which reduces the risk of developing Alzheimers Disease and memory loss that can come with aging.

Obtain Lean Protein

Bison meat is known to contain lean protein and have better total fatty acid concentration. It is known as one of the best sources of omega-3 foods and is a healthier form of red meat. It is low in saturated fat due to its ability to roam outdoors and have a leaner body structure.

When you want to improve your overall health and find new foods to enjoy that are healthy, bison meat is a healthy option to incorporate into your diet. By obtaining the meat, you can increase your nutrition intake and obtain higher energy levels.

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When Will These Pigs Be Full?

It has been a while that these piggy banks are with me, but until now they are still not full. It’s either I forgot to put coins or I don’t have anything at all since I commute everyday to work. Yeah our car is still not fix.  I got disappointed though because when I kept on putting coins on it, I noticed it decreases, I know someone is taking some coins, peaking from my piggy banks and no one would tell the truth and I am disappointed so it has been like weeks now that I don’t have the mood to drop some coins. But I know someday I will, someday I will be inspired again and hopefully the pigs will be full, hopefully.

It should have the kids piggy banks, but they are not taking dropping coins seriously, I mean I think Faith is because whenever I asked her to drop coins, she is just so excited to do it. I will have to encourage her again, I will somehow.

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Surprising The Little Ones With Their Own Piggy Banks

I wanted to surprise the children with something special, so I decided to order them personalized piggy banks. I added some spare change to each one rather than surprising them with empty banks. They were very excited to receive piggy banks with their names on them, and I am excited to watch them earn coins and learn how to count money. The following benefits may encourage you to surprise your own little one with a personalized piggy bank.

You can find different ways for your children to earn money for their piggy banks. It could be small chores such as cleaning up their toys or helping you to fold the laundry. Older children may want to set up a lemonade stand or help clean out the garage. You are teaching them how to be responsible and earn money at a young age, and this is something they will carry with them as they grow older.

This brings me to the second benefit, which is showing them how fun it is to save their money for something special. Your child may want to spend their money on candy or other treats the minute they receive it. One idea is to let them work towards a small prize, such as a toy or book. Imagine the smile on their face when they realize they have enough money for their prize.

The third benefit is more about the piggy bank itself rather than what is inside it. There is something about receiving a personalized gift that makes children feel special. When you have a ceramic piggy bank personalized, you are adding a personal touch that may not be found in other items. You can even look for a piggy bank in their favorite color or pattern to add a more personal touch. Your child will still use their piggy bank when they are older.

It is very easy to order a personalized piggy bank for your little one. The first thing you do is select a bank in their favorite color or pattern. You are going to add their first name and select the gift wrap and card options. Place your order and wait for their gift to be delivered.

My children were so excited to receive their customized piggy banks, and I know your children are going to love their personalized gifts as well.

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