Doing The Full Time Now

I already resigned and since my youngest daughter just had her classes started I am the one sending her to school and fetching her after. So far I am loving it, I mean I always loving it, just taking good care of them means a lot to me. I was a hands on Mom for almost 8 years and I love every bit of it. I am just hoping that we can take good care of everything without me working, so let’s see.

After sending my youngest daughter to school, I go to the gym too. I signed up for a month, and so not to waste my money for the one month fee, I need to attend to it every day. There were times that I don’t have the energy to run my errands but I need to do it after gym otherwise I will not be able to finish what I needed to finish for the day.

I may not be paying for a month next month; I guess walking is already good for me. The doctor said that I need to exercise everyday and do a healthy diet. I was able to talk to a former nurse about my condition when I was waiting for my youngest daughter in Kumon, she recommended me not to drink tea or slimming tea, I must avoid coffee and soft drinks. You see my SGPT is a bit high that causes my BP rises; I need to ultimately check my intakes not to trigger my condition.

The kids were so happy though that I am always at home, Mj even said when I’m at home everything seem so light, everything is organized. She hopes though that I will not be working again but she said she would still understand if I have to work again.


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