We Attended A 16th Birthday Party

Yesterday, the reason why I wasn’t able to update my blogs on its scheduled time is because we were invited for a party. I was messaged by my friend that my daughter Mj is one of the treasures. I really don’t have any idea what is that all about. She said they would celebrate their daughter’s 16th birthday since her daughter requested to just travel on her 18th birthday. Good thing that just the treasure, I and Mj decided to buy a gift. They did not demanded for a certain gift so I was thinking that it could be something sentimental that her friend will always remember her.

We bought a sling bag for her yesterday. When we got to the party I realized that Mj needs to have a speech why she gave her a bag. Mj then was able to think what to say. On the other hand, the party gave me an idea about what to do to Mj’s 18th birthday but then she asked if we can travel instead. I already also have one in mind and I hope it will come true, there’s no problem with budget I think I can come up with the amount needed I am worried about the country that we will be going to, I hope they will let us in.

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