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Faith Got Sick!

It was last Wednesday that she complained of having a toothache the moment she went out from Kumon. I bought Paracetamol for preparation but then the toothache was already gone yet she still has a fever. Sister Merlyn noticed she is having runny nose, so we sent her to her Pedia, she was prescribed of some medicine yet her fever is still on and off. I sent her back to her Pedia on Tuesday, we were required to have a laboratory test and after an hour, we handed the result to her Doctor. He informed me then that Faith is having a UTI infection. That could be the reason why her fever did not go away. Right after she took her anti-biotic, she gained her strength and the fever was slowly gone.

Faith got sick for almost a week and I was so worried. I’m afraid it could be something else that is more dangerous. And good thing it was not, it was still an infection I know but at least we don’t have to send her to the hospital for admission. When I found out that Faith got a UTI infection, I tried to recall what could have been the cause, the only thing I had in mind was the junk foods when we were celebrating our Fiesta. Thus, I told her not to eat any chips at all, she answered me back right away “Mom who bought the chips again?” I realized it was me, so I guess no buying at all, lol.


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Hatchimals Hatch it or Break it

Hatchimals may be good and funny in the outside, but this blog will blab about the bad stuff about it. Hi Faith again and today I’m saying the truth about HATCHIMALS! Yup I’m doing it today guys! OK one of the reasons you shouldn’t buy this toy. One of them is they drop the F-bomb on the owner they even swear in their sleep! Seriously who makes this toy! And development of the child’s brain and society needs to spend time with real people not with robots. And why do they say such a word in their sleep that is not appropriate for the kids! I mean seriously who freaking does that? If you don’t believe me watch it on you tube. Faith Out!

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