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I Need A Reliable Car

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My eldest daughter is really hoping she can learn how to drive, my car is busted until now and so I can’t teach her how but on second thought I would love her to enroll for a driving lesson instead. We are also on a mission of finding a reliable car; I guess it is not practical already if we won’t sell our car when it is already fixed. As soon as it will be repaired, I will have to have it repaint and then sell it. The money that we will be earning from this car will be used to buy a new car. And since it is still in the shop, this is the best time for me to find a reliable car. And I don’t have to go anywhere else because I know where to find a durable car, a car that would last long and that is in The moment that we will have a new car, I will enroll Mj in a driving institution as she really wanted to know how to drive. In that way, I will no longer be driving but she will be and she is very excited about it. I just hope that she will take good care of it so it won’t always endorsed to a car repair shop. I have enough of that and I am tired for the expenses when a car is busted. I need a reliable car.

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My Eldest Daughter’s Adventures In School

Yesterday when Mj arrived home from school, she told me that she will have to wake up so early today because their fun run will start at 4:00 in the morning. The meet up will start at 3 in the morning so she has to wake up at 2 in the morning. She has been telling me about this a week ago and I didn’t realize it until yesterday. I didn’t even know that I already paid for it. She was complaining though last night because she found out that they have class afterwards and she can’t absent because it’s their laboratory schedule.

I am so happy of how Mj being so serious about her study. She liked her new school a lot; she can cope up with her studies especially with her Math and Science. You see she was given a probationary status because her final grade when she was in 4th year did not reach 85 so she have to strive hard and I am glad she was able to do it, in fact more than of what we expected.

When I found out that Mj did a good job of her grades to her new school, I slowly love it too. But as what they said you can’t have everything because I still have  something to say about this school and that is it has a lot of projects and contributions that sometimes Mj needs to go out on Sundays to meet with her classmates because they have dance practice or projects they need to attend to. I am still monitoring her though, I don’t want to be complacent, it’s not that I don’t trust her but teenagers these days are very adventurous and sometimes they tend to lie to just do whatever they want. We will just have to be cautious though and she knows how I am when I am betrayed so I have high hopes that she won’t lie at all.

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How To Hire A Lawyer If You Don’t Have A Lot Of Money

Whether you need something as simple as a will drawn up or getting a divorce, it is not in your best interest to take on legal matters without the help of a lawyer. You need someone knowledgeable in the laws of your state to work with you in order to file paperwork correctly and help you when you appear in court. Most lawyers are very expensive, but there are ways to get a lawyer if you don’t have a lot of money. Aside from reputable Christian lawyers such as the ones found at, there are many other ways to try and find a lawyer who will work pro bono.

Legal Aid Programs

One way to find free legal help is to look into legal aid programs which are federally funded. There is a huge network of legal aid programs which operate from federal grants. These programs hire lawyers and paralegals in order to offer free services to low-income people who are eligible. To qualify for this type of legal aid, you have to have income below a certain level.

Local Pro Bono Programs

Many bar associations will offer eligible people free legal help through what is known as pro bono programs. There are also many non-profit organizations which are dedicated to offering pro bono legal help for those who are in need. You may also find that many private law firms will also have pro bono departments to use for specific issues such as police misconduct, community issues, civil rights issues and cases filed against the government.

Self-Help Legal Clinics

Many states across the country have free self-help clinics which are designed to offer free legal advice for anyone who asks. Some of these clinics will accept questions asked in person. Other clinics will accept questions which are submitted online. Most of these questions are generally answered by paralegals or lawyers. Keep in mind, however, that getting your questions answered is not always a confidential process.

Finding a good lawyer can be crucial to winning a case or getting what you rightfully deserve. Most people cannot afford a private lawyer to help them with their case. Thankfully, there are many ways to find free help for many lawyers if you know where to look. Finding a lawyer that you need may be as easy as making a quick call to a legal hotline where they can direct you to free help in your area.

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Her Dearest Bookworm Friend

Faith’s love books a lot, there are times that she would show it to her teachers at school. She just loves to read. She even completed the “The Land of Stories” series and even she already finished reading it. She would always go back and read it again that I think she already memorize all of the lines in the book.

One day she brought this book at school and she showed it to her teacher. Her teacher was amazed of how thick it is, this teacher also loves to read books. I was surprised because she posted pictures in FB and she tags me to it.

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