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To The Event Planner For The Trick And Treat, Thank You So Much!

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Even though, Faith said that her teeth are in danger whenever its Halloween, we don’t care at all as long as she met new friends that all that matters.

Our company just provided an activity for the family and kids and I was so excited to tell it to my little teapot. At first she doesn’t like it since she love it to do it in the mall but I was doubting about it because we need to purchase about P 1,000.00 so we can join while at work, it’s all free. All we need to do is wear a costume that I am sure I can buy within the budget. But Faith wanted to be the princess like, good thing I was able to convince her to wear the witch-like costume I bought from Unitop.

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She did not win the best for costume though, but she could not contain her happiness, to see and to interact some kids in the event.

Yeah, since we were tight in budget as always, good thing I and my friend was able to pass by at this store. They sell a lot of affordable items and I am so glad that the costume of Faith was just P 100.00. I was so excited to show it to Faith, but she suggested if she can get a black wand to match the dress. Unfortunately we were not able to find a black wand for her, even so despite of having no black wand, she still wore it in the event and eventually she enjoyed it a lot.

She had a lot to offer, the emcee had so much fun interacting with her. It is just sometimes her word was foul but good thing I was there to correct her though I was not with them the whole time, since I needed to work. I just sneaked when I have a chance and thank GOD my sister Merlyn was there and Mj to guide her and accompany her. I was so thankful that even my eldest daughter enjoyed the treat so much. To the one who organized and planned the event, a big KUDOS to you and I hope there are more like this in the future. Thank you!

 photo 14915377_10210451595182286_850125622200527884_n_zpsgbsycs0k.jpg

Thank you Ate for keeping her company, I am sure you enjoyed the treat so much that you could not help to take more pictures of it. I am so proud of you!


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Thank You For The Undying Support ProverbsVille

Yesterday was Mj’s competition for DCAA and as usual I was not there to attend to her in the morning. Just like in DAPRISA she was attended by her teacher at school. One of her teacher fetches her here and sent her to the venue. I was not there because I had work until at 12 noon. I didn’t have to worry anymore of whom I should ask to attend to her because the school represented already. This is what I like of her school because everyone is just so supportive.

When I arrived at the venue, I didn’t expect that her principal is there also to watch her swimming. I was so overwhelmed; it is simply my first time that everyone including the Principal is there to support. If only I can turn back time, I already transferred my eldest daughter to this school way back when I transferred Faith, maybe we did not stop the training because I have the whole school to cheer Mj with her swimming competition. Thank you Proverbsville for the undying support, salute to the Principal and the whole faculty members including the students.


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How to Budget for a Home Renovation Project

Home renovation can seem like a challenging project right from the outset for most homeowners. If you’re like a lot of people, you’re probably afraid to even start a job after all the horror stories you’ve heard.

The fact is that some renovation jobs do go wrong. People go over budget, work takes too long and the project just doesn’t come out right. That doesn’t mean that’s what’s going to happen to your project though.

A lot of the home renovation jobs that go south are the ones that weren’t planned properly to begin with. To keep your job from becoming a cautionary tale, use this guide to help you properly budget for your renovation work.

Doing that can ensure that you have success and get the home you want instead of the renovation job of your nightmares.

Know Your Home’s Needs

Before you can really set a helpful budget for your home renovation project, you need to figure out what your home really needs. Doing this is going to require some serious planning and forethought on your part.

Don’t rush into a renovation job just because you want more space for your home. Instead, take the time you need to really figure out what it is that will improve the function of your space for you and your family.

Once you determine that, you can begin to think about how your renovation will impact the value of your home. Adding more space can be helpful, but overbuilding your home in your area may not help the value as much as you’d like.

Get Three Quotes

When you’re hiring a contractor to work on a home renovation project, it can be simple to hire the first person that seems qualified for the job. If the price is right, they may be an ideal choice for your work.

That doesn’t mean that you should just skip getting other quotes. When you’re doing home renovation work, your best bet is to get three different quotes to make sure that you get a fair price and the right contractor for the job.

When you get quotes, make sure the people you’re meeting with have relevant experience. They should be able to show you past work that they’ve done and provide references to that work.

Click for more information on finding the right contractor for your home renovation project.

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I Hope She Will Gain Weight Now

Faith is very skinny; I am getting worried because whatever we feed her with foods, she just doesn’t gain weight. It started when we changed her vitamins to fish oil. Her behavioral consultant recommended us the fish oil; she said it will help her to at least minimize her being so hyperactive. I didn’t realize it will affect her weight. She is healthy though but it would nice seeing her being chubby just like before.

My friend at work recommended me to change it or add vitamins. She will still take fish oil, and she recommended me to buy Appebon with food stimulant, I bought one the other day, I didn’t know that this kind of vitamins is a bit expensive than the one that we had. On the other hand I still bought it, I thought Faith won’t like the taste but I was surprised because she loves it and she’s asking for more.


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