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Fashion Trend For Kids This 2016

What’s the fashion trend for kids this 2016?

If you are a mom with girls, you might have to consider this before buying dresses for them in the mall. The fashion trends for this year is fabrics with colored prints, not so much defined patterns, and matches a little with colorful drawings. The colors for this year are cream, beige, light blue, and sand.

Velour color is also an option; velour is a fabric similar to velvet. This fabric is made from cotton, so it is very much comfortable. Denim and corduroy is also known as they are also made of cotton, linen and silk.

They said that good taste is usually starts from childhood. So they would bring it up when they are growing up. So start picking them good clothes, fashionable clothing and comfortable fabrics.


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Too Busy Today, We Went To Magallanes Condominium

The road is very quiet, after the incident last night, everyone I guess just stayed home except us. The moment I went out from work, I have to fetch the kids to send them to Kumon. I supposed to meet them in Kumon, but I did not let them commute this time because of the incident last night. It is dangerous for them to ride a Jeepney.

I need to have the horn of my car repair so I send them to Kumon first; I leave them there for 30 minutes so I can look for someone to repair the horn of my car. Good thing the repair shop just near at Kumon, I was thinking to grocery shop but I just brush the idea.

After Kumon, we went to Magallanes Condominium. Mj needs to have training for her swimming since she will represent her school for DAPRISA. She needs to have some air so to survive during the competition.

While we are there, Faith meets a new baby friend, a 2 year old baby who is a resident there. They have so much fun, they were able to ride in a see saw, climbing and do the monkey bar. Faith is now behaving but she can’t stop talking.


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My Daughter And Her Music Band

 photo 13936705_1176356312437440_2136677823_n.jpgIt has been like 2 months already that Mj and her classmates have been practicing for their band. They are preparing for their contest on August. It will be held during their Buwanang Wika. There were times that I got mad at her because they sometimes went home late. They usually have their practice on Saturday in a music studio. She tried to explain that after their practice, her classmate would invite her to eat outside and she can’t say no to them since she is with them. And if she would decline them, they might think that she doesn’t like to belong in the group.

And me as a worried Mom, always telling her to get home early, but even she will be late she never missed to send me a text message of where they are and all that. I know my eldest daughter is a responsible kid but maybe just being a Mom we really could not avoid being pathetic of what might happen next?

The contest has been long gone, and their effort was not wasted because last week they announced the winner right away. They won the contest, now they are preparing for inter school competition and here I am again thinking of what time she will be coming home.


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Reward Your Kids With Groupon Goods

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine.

Moms don’t want anything but only the best for their kids. Even they don’t have anything left to themselves as long as their kids have it, they don’t mind at all. So when the kids asked something, they would give it right away especially when the kids did something good. I am sure that you always reward your kids when they are included in one of the top students in the school. And just now I could recommend you a reward just for your teens and kids. You know how they are so into gadgets and electronics nowadays. Oh well headphone is not much if you compare it to gadget most especially if you have some great deals when you purchase it. Yes, from nails salon, restaurants, health and wellness, Groupon will offer you something more for headphones and stuffs. Shopping is more enjoyable with discounts, promo deals and stuffs and Groupon Goods will come on top just for you and your teens. I am sure your kids will adore your reward to them and will do more good in their grades and will perform even better.

Sigh! My kids never make it this time but I know soon they will. I always tell this to them as long as you breathe, there’s hope; if you will exert more effort I know you will be one of them on top. I am not disappointed at all, I mean seeing their grades is beyond my expectation. I would still have to congratulate them no matter what.

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