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Go Davao Team

I supposed not to go after Mj in Pagadian but on the second thought I decided to go after her. Yesterday, when I got the excuse letter of Mj from the Sports Division to submit in her school, I learned that they will depart on Tuesday yet and not on Saturday, thank GOD I still have time to prepare. We need to shop for her things before going to the airport. She is so excited, finally she could join the Batang Pinoy, this is her first time to join for the National League. I just hope that she can at least win a place. Go Davao Team!

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Don’t Settle For Anything Less

Our foam is already old and not only that it is also full of marks from pee when the kids were still toddler. I know we have to vacuum it or replace it already but we just don’t have budget. Geez, it seems like all my posts here in my blogs tackles about having no budget and it is too tiring. Anyway, if you have extra and your foam is already about to give up, don’t wait until all of you are infected with germs or bacteria that come from the foam. Yeah, foams can be also a place where bacteria gathered and accumulate so much. Start now for looking new foam for the whole family and it with foam crown molding from, and I am sure you will not regret it in the end. If you don’t have budget for now, there is nothing wrong to just look around or look around online. This is maybe a tip from everyone but this is quite effective, don’t settle for anything less but go with quality.

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My Daughter In Action

Last Saturday, my daughter joined the Kadayawan competition and every competition she had, there is this parent that really likes taking pictures with his DSLR. It is not only Mj she took pictures but the rest of the swimmers, my daughter were lucky because she was one of his favorite to take pictures of. So even though I don’t have DSLR of my own, I am so glad that I still have pictures from a DSLR. Here’s my daughter in action during the event.

 photo 10435134_10203707985032927_5456450794480907532_n_zps817ec1bd.jpg

Here’s MJ with friends

 photo 10610598_10203707967072478_5092209676005484933_n_zpsf6f3312f.jpg

And Mj swims for her best time

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Batang Pinoy In Pagadian

When we went to Sport Division on Thursday, our withdrawal letter was ready. They asked me what is the reason of our withdrawal and we told them it is because the schedule is conflict with the DACS and the kids are choosing the DACS. But we made an appeal to at least move the DACS so the kids can join the Batang Pinoy. One parent and I went to DACS office to send a letter asking them to move the DACS. The staff said that the decision is final however we are still hoping that they could move it. Thursday night I received a text message from the parent I was with to send the letter to DACS that there is a chance that the DACS can move. Late at night, we received news that it was move so we prepared our requirements to be sent to Sports Division. Yes, Mj is joining the Batang Pinoy Competition. The expenses will be shouldered by the local government.

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