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Building A Coordination

Belting your baby’s arms and legs can help your building an early form of coordination. While moving your baby’s arms and legs you can sing along with it an Itsy Bitsy Spider and so the baby will respond to what you are doing. She is also having fun listening with your song; make the belting fun with your baby. You must know that the rhythm of your song and the movement of belting out can build and early form of coordination. And as well building baby skills to avoid being clumsy when he or she grow up. Remember it is better to prevent those things than ya know being sorry in the end, why you didn’t know the ways for the good of your baby. I know being a mother is an instinct but sometimes we must also listen or read the best things for our kids.

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Newest Skirt Of My Youngest

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Yesterday, when we went to church my youngest daughter wanted to pee, so I asked her sister to go to the CR with her. And of course when it is a public toilet, expect the toilet to be wet or a little messy. My eldest daughter told her sister to do a squat in the bowl, but Faith said her pee jumped and wet her pants. I got frustrated but I can’t do anything with it anymore what is done is done, so after church, before we go to watch a movie I dropped by at the kid’s section to buy her a skirt. This skirt is only almost P200.00 it is on sale in SM. We bought this right away to change her pants. I thought it won’t look good on her but Mj said she looks cute on the skirt.

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I Don’t Know What To Do At All

This is what I don’t like when I will decide to work; everything is ready except for a yaya! Yes, a nanny for our kids or a helper at least to help and be with my kids when I am out for work. I know my sister is ready to assist me, but she also have family to attend to at night. And my eldest daughter, have to attend to her training and no one can send her in, I mean there is but I can’t help to get worried. I really don’t know what to do, should I pursue working offline or not. Who would tutor my youngest daughter, who will cook for them in the morning, who would prepare Faith for school and if I have to do all that during day time how can I sleep? Geez, I don’t know what to do at all.

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Our Kids In All Souls Day

This is her cousin, yan yan they always gets along if they do not fight. There are times that Faith would look for her, saying he is her Amigo. Her friend at all times, they are both hyper. Faith will get more hyper if she is with her so I always told both of them to behave. This was taken when we visit my Dad in the cemetery last All Souls Day. Thank God that we were still to take a picture of us, thank GOD that I had enough money to buy a Digital Camera last June. Right after my other camera was soaked in the water when we had our vacation trip.

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My daughters were very close but just like other sisters they also fight. They usually fights over remoter control in the TV. Or Faith wanted to play with her sister and Mj does not want to be bothered. But this time when we were done our prayer for my Dad, these two were just bothering each other and thank GOD they did not fight this time.

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