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A Simple Celebration On Her Birthday

My youngest daughter birthday was celebrated last month, it was just so simple and I only invited a few since our foods are only for like 20 people and even less. I just invited my friend Analee and her family and my friends in the team, my family too is there to celebrate the birthday of Faith with us. My brother-in-law was the one who cooked dinner for all of us.

Faith was so happy already with the small celebration that we had and she loved the cake that I bought for her. She was so contented on it since she was the one who picked the design from google. She told me though that next time, she will love to have a pumpkin cake. LOL and that she like her guests to wear Halloween costume. Yeah, she knows her birthday is the love month and did not fall in Halloween but she said oh well she loves to have ghosts and monsters on her birthday, what can you do? It’s her birthday anyway. LOL.

Oh I almost forgot she wants a parade too waaaaaaaaahhh

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What Does Glass Reactor Manufacturer Product?

Reactor is quite common chemical equipment not only used in laboratory but also in chemical engineering and other industrial fields. In order to meet different reaction and technology requirements, glass reactor manufacturer has products more than three types of reactor. Generally the most common reactors we used in laboratory and chemical production can be divided into tubular reactor, tank reactor, solid particle bed reactor, tower reactor, jet reactor and other atypical reactors.

Tubular reactor can provide continuous operation and it has large draw ratio. Due to the long tube it used, it is difficult to achieve the function of tubular reactor in chemical industry. Tank reactor has participation of liquid phase and the reaction which is realized under low speed such as oxidizing reaction of organic compounds. The reactor made of high borosilicate glass belongs to tank reactor. Single layer reactor, double layer reactor and glass lined reactor are three main types of tank reactor. It has widely used in life.

There are layers in the single layer reactor and double layer reactor and the layers can be filled with circulatory medium. Double layer reactor is the improved type of single layer reactor which can be filled with two different circulatory medium at the same time. With the circulation movement of circulatory medium, the reactor can achieve the heating or cooling effect of the reaction material. The reaction vessel is made of high borosilicate glass which can provide a clear view of reaction process for users to have a well analysis of the reaction. At the same time, this kind of glass texture is a kind of advanced reactor which has strong anti-corrosion ability and can be contacted with all kinds of organic materials.

Another type of tank reactor is glass lined reactor which has the glass lining film on the stainless steel reaction vessel. This kind of specific texture of reaction vessel possesses both the strength of metal and chemical stability of glass. No matter which types of tank reactor can provide multiple reaction processes such as distillation, backflow and stirring.

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Her Birthday Is Fast Approaching

Tomorrow will be the birthday of my youngest daughter. Good thing I still have some money saved from my online earning. I really set that aside for her birthday celebration for tomorrow. Faith is excited about it, in fact she already have a cake in mind she like to have on her birthday, she have searched it in google right away when she learned that her birthday is fast approaching.

Right now we are busy buying ingredients for her birthday, I was with sister and brother-in-law I am just so lucky that they are always available for me whenever I need somebody to cook especially for an occasion like this.  I also have ordered the Strawberry Shortcake Theme of the cake, the Strawberry Shortcake theme was her idea, we just follow good thing I was able to find one.

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New England Patriots Won

The other day, all the people in the US must be very busy watching the Super Bowl betting of which team will win this year. Oh well, the result has come and it is New England Patriots are the team that won the championship this year. The score was not that far as New England Patriots score was 15-4 while the Seattle Sea Hawks was 14-5 some even said it was a tie but anyway one team should only called as the champion. Oh well at first as Seattle was leading, I really thought Seattle Sea Hawks will win, I was surprised that when I woke up later I learned that it was the New England Patriots won the championship. Congratulations to the champion!

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