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Running And Swimming Is The Best For Asthma

My asthma is consistently attacking me nowadays, I don’t know why but there is no day that I am using my air puff because I can’t breathe at all. My friends are suggesting some exercise for me to do, and one of them are running or jogging and swimming. Mind you, none of these that I would like to do not even walking around the neighbourhood; I get easily tired and would get a muscle pain. I must prepare one bottle of minty ointment so after I would exercise I will ask my daughter to put some ointment on my back.

My friend invited me yesterday to at least have a plunge in the water once a week, I am not sure if I could do it regularly but maybe I could do it once in a week since I only got busy  with my blog nowadays, no more sending a kid to the pool every after class. We don’t care anymore of the result that they would come up; importantly we have a life now that we enjoyed the fullest without anyone to be concerned of yet I still have asthma attack to be concerned of. 🙂

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Skin Asthma

Since the allergy in Jm’s face went terribly wrong and is not still heal, I decided to bring her to the Dermatologist today. We waited for like 30 minutes for our name to be called, we were enjoying the movie we watched on their TV when her name was called, I know it was expensive but I have to send her otherwise it might get worst.
And so I was right, it was not just an ordinary allergy but skin asthma, the Doctor said maybe she used a soap that was not good for her. Well, as I recalled she bought Vaseline and last time was milk soap, now the Doctor recommended her soap, a sun block lotion, a sun block cream for her face and the treatment. It was quiet expensive but well it is better than if we just leave it as it is.

FTF # 36: Can’t Stop Craving For This

Yesterday, which the post below is about how I am allergic with prawn but how could you not want to eat if this delicious food in the picture is in your table and seems like tempting you down to eat it? And oh guilty as charge, even this one gets me all the time, I still love this dish, it is just so tastefully awesome. You want to have some, just make sure you are not allergic or don’t eat too much so it won’t get you. I was so lucky lately because I was just feeling itchy when I ate this well I just ate a little amount then I was done.
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Pets Allergies

I have an allergy, probably this is because of some pollen or some sort of, we don’t keep pets in our house because I am worried I would also get an allergy from pets.
I was de-cluttering my daughter’s room one day when I found this article in one of her school magazine.
I didn’t know I had allergies before until now, yet I also don’t know if I have pet allergies too. This is what I learned from the article. Proteins from the hair, saliva, urine or poop of animals can cause allergy. Cats and dogs are the common source of allergies.
You will know that you have pet allergy when you come in contact with an animal and experience the statement mentioned below.
  • Itchy and watery eyes
  • Runny nose
  • Frequent sneezing
  • Coughing and wheezing
  • Itchy skin and rashes
If you want to make sure that you have allergies, you better go to a doctor and undergo a series of test allergies. It is better to know what allergies you have so you know which one to avoid.