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Their Awards Are My Jewel

There is no things that can surpass of these gifts during my kids Moving Up day, I was surprised when I found out that Faith was able to get an academic award, she received a silver medal for that. When I arrived at the venue, I saw Faith smiling so wide, grinning while looking at me. Her eyes are saying something, something that I and she will be proud of and I know exactly what it is.

My eldest daughter Moving Up day is scheduled in the afternoon. Mj was able to get a special award from her swimming. I can’t be happier seeing these awards on our wall, wish to have a wall full of their awards.

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Dream Big But No Pressure

It’s not that I am losing hope; I mean I know my youngest daughter is full of surprises good or bad, bad or good. But honestly, I didn’t know she will receive an academic award during her Moving Up day. I asked my 2 sisters to accompany Faith at the venue since I could not attend the ceremony and when I got there, I was surprised when I found she had a silver award. I congratulate her right away when she saw me in the back. But she was too busy to respond, she said she needs to get the portfolio from her teacher and the school newspaper.

I know Faith can surpass my expectation, it is just that I don’t expect too much it is because I want her to enjoy her school without feeling any pressure. But she did it, she just did it! And too bad I wasn’t there to put the medal on her, work sometimes sucks especially during this very important event but I know I can’t stop I need to work hard for them, for my family.

Faith is grinning so wide while eating her lunch, she felt so proud that she was able to make it although she said she wanted to get the topnotch, I answered “As long as you enjoy what you are doing, dream big”. Although I wish of her to get to the top but I don’t pressure her because I know and I am sure that instead of her being inspired she might end up affecting her negatively.

So we are taking it slowly but surely. As long as we were able to study in Filipino and Sibika, everything will turn out fair.

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She Is One Of The Awardee

It was on Monday, we were so indulged on watching the Ms. Universe at home when I received a text message from my friend at school, saying that Faith is one of the awardee. I didn’t expect that she will be one of the honors at school, it has been two consecutive periodical that Faith wasn’t able to receive anything so I didn’t expect already that she will receive one this time.

I was not able to attend to her recognition at school, I was too late already and as usual Faith complaints about it that I don’t have time for her already. But good thing Faith is very understanding when I explained to her everything, she kept quiet and went on with her regular activities. I promised next time, I will be there.

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Before the Recognition and Moving Up day of Faith’s school, I asked the teacher if she will get an award because if there’s none then we will not waste our time to go to the venue. But the teacher said that we are required to go besides we paid the venue so we are compulsory to join. So last Friday, I asked my daughter to help Faith to get dress I suggested for her to wear a dress but Faith refused she said she wanted to wear pair of jeans and shirt. She doesn’t like to wear dress at all. So since I thought that she doesn’t have an award, I just told my eldest daughter to let her wear what she wants. So off we go to the venue. We were even late; I decided to take the Diversion road to avoid the traffic in the main highway.

We arrived at the venue at 10:00 in the morning; I even asked one of the parents if the awarding is already done. One parent said that it is. I was thinking to just stay for a while and then grab Faith so we can go out afterwards. I asked Faith to approach her classmate, I saw her teacher instructing all the kids to stand up beside the stage. The emcee asked us to be with our kids when their name is called. I was surprised because Faith got an award and I was even surprised because she was able to get the silver award. Faith smile so wide and even told me if I am so proud of her. But she wishes to get the Gold medal instead. Oh well, it is already enough I mean we don’t study so hard every exam. During their final, we only even study her Filipino subject because that is the subject that she is really struggling of since she could not understand Tagalog well.

Oh well good job Faith!

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