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Before Having Another One

Although you are ready to have more baby but you may have to consider the pros and cons before having another one. There are reasons to wait and if you check that you are really more than ready then maybe.

You need a break. The right time to have another baby is after 18 to 23 months from giving birth to the eldest. Because in this time, your body is already recovered from pregnancy and from giving birth, you are fully recovered physically and emotionally.

Babies needs a lot of attention and cares so having them close their age, it is indeed very stressful in your part and also there’s a possibility that the other one especially the eldest will be left out.

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Building A Coordination

Belting your baby’s arms and legs can help your building an early form of coordination. While moving your baby’s arms and legs you can sing along with it an Itsy Bitsy Spider and so the baby will respond to what you are doing. She is also having fun listening with your song; make the belting fun with your baby. You must know that the rhythm of your song and the movement of belting out can build and early form of coordination. And as well building baby skills to avoid being clumsy when he or she grow up. Remember it is better to prevent those things than ya know being sorry in the end, why you didn’t know the ways for the good of your baby. I know being a mother is an instinct but sometimes we must also listen or read the best things for our kids.

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Building Baby Skills, Avoiding To Become Clumsy

If some kids can pedal a bicycle or can kick a ball like a little old lady some kids just can’t. But studies says that it is not also good to call them clumsy, if we would easily label them as that we would be conscious and we would steer them away from physical play. If the kids tends to be aware that they are clumsy than of their friends they would be less likely to join them play, but of course there are just kids have issues with balance, they are known as developmental coordination disorder. They are the one who needs our help and assistance. You can build baby skills by having more tummy time while awake. This is also the way to interact with their parent to achieve motor milestones. You can do this as as your baby’s first week home; give your babies a minute or two of tummy time on a parent’s belly. Just make sure that the baby does not have any reflux issues.

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Effective Birth Control Is Breast Feeding

Yes, it is true. It is not only best for babies but the parents can also get something beneficial for them and that is a free birth control. This is how it explains, when the mother do the breast feeding it changes the rate of release of the normal hormones so that would stop the ovulation. Yes the mother is protected as long as she does the breast feeding your baby exclusively. Your period does not yet return and your baby is less than 6 months old. Even though it is effective, we still want to be sure of especially when after 6 months, it is advantage to also take birth control pills while breast feeding beyond six months.

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