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Her New Bag And Books

So we went to SM Ecoland with kids and were checking for school bags for my grader. She is a transfer to where my eldest daughter used to school during her high school. So we need to have a big durable bag for her books and notebooks. See, she has a total of 8 books that she would bring almost every day. I was thinking stroller but she said she’s not a baby anymore and strollers are for babies. So she looked for a bag that suits her. Faith doesn’t like pink or Barbie’s, I guess she is the only girl that doesn’t like Barbie’s or pink colors.  After roaming around the 2nd floor where the bags were placed, finally she was able to choose one and that is the one below.

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Stroller Bag Or Backpack?

I am contemplating of buying my youngest daughter a backpack or a stroller bag. I really thought to buy a stroller until I sent a message to my friend whose daughter is also studying at the new school. She said that when her daughter was in grade 5 last year they were not using a stroller bag anymore but a backpack. They felt awkward using stroller bag since they are already little teens and you see, my youngest daughter will be in Grade 5 this school year. Good thing, I did not buy yet when I went to the mall last week. I was actually, until now though contemplating whether to buy a stroller bag or a backpack. You see with her new school they should bring books everyday back and forth so to study in advance to cope up. They are actually strict with academics and grades so Faith needs to do her best. Everyday, ever since I enrolled her to the new school, I kept on talking to her that to do her best with her lessons for her not to be left behind. But anyway going back with stroller bag or backpack, I am still confused! Yeah, I am!  My friend told me that carrying backpacks caused his sister to have scoliosis. And I am afraid since my youngest daughter is very thin she might get that too. Oh God! I hope not! What do you think guys? Should I buy backpack or stroller bag.

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Carrying Their Own Things

I have two girls ages eleven and four. Whenever we go somewhere they always want to take their things with them. It might be a hand held game or a favorite toy. And guess who ends up carrying them the majority of the time. I bet you guessed right and it is mom. Well as most moms out there know, we get tired of lugging our kids things around. An Osprey Backpacks for each of them would be a big help to me. They can carry their own things and I was thinking that maybe I can sneak some of the things I want to take with me in with their stuff. Whether they are going to school and need to take books and their lunch, or whether we are going on a short trip, it is a great way for them to help me by carrying their own things.

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For An Athlete Like Her

The bag that we always used to put all the swimming materials of my daughter is already damaged, the zipper won’t close anymore. Since we can’t afford to buy another bag yet, I just purchased a mesh bag, which is cheaper than of the bag that we bought a year ago. But that is so hard to carry, Mj is always complaining whenever I ask her to carry it because it is too huge for her, thus, in no time, we should buy a wrestling backpack for her, because aside from the swimming materials, she also have to put the worksheets for Kumon. Hence, we really need a large storage compartment so we don’t need to bring another extra bag because all the things she needed can be put inside her bag. We just really need to budget that and so we can buy a rubber shoes for her and a school shoes for Faith. Oh Lord, please help us with our daily expenses.