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Her Dearest Bookworm Friend

Faith’s love books a lot, there are times that she would show it to her teachers at school. She just loves to read. She even completed the “The Land of Stories” series and even she already finished reading it. She would always go back and read it again that I think she already memorize all of the lines in the book.

One day she brought this book at school and she showed it to her teacher. Her teacher was amazed of how thick it is, this teacher also loves to read books. I was surprised because she posted pictures in FB and she tags me to it.

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Tired of having your feet wet?

It has been raining so much here lately that whenever I go out, my feet get soaked. We normally just wear sandals or tennis shoes here, but maybe I should think about getting a good pair of rain boots. The drainage from the roads and sidewalks does handle the amount of rain we get here sometimes. And thanks goodness that dav rain boots have a lot of different and stylish designs. So if you are tired of having your feet wet from having to walk in the rain, maybe a pair of rain boots is what you need.