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Just All Because Of Her Skin Asthma

So I was hoping that I would only spent at least a thousand for whatever ointment that the Doctor will recommend but I was shocked when I realized it’s more than I expected. Yes, yesterday after of so many months of her agonizing, a year maybe finally I sent my eldest daughter to a Derma clinic. I know I kept on making a promise that we will be going but due to financial constraint, I wasn’t able to do so and Mj somehow loses her confidence because of it, recently she doesn’t wore shorts at all but long jeans that would cover her legs. She was a swimmer and she is used to wear athletes swim suits, she wanted to go back but what stops her is this allergy on her legs. We were suspecting Eczema, I bought an ointment for it but it will heal for few days and then back again maybe we really need a recommendation from a doctor what to buy for her allergy. But I know it will be so hard, our funds don’t come so easy recently so we waited and waited and finally yesterday I was able to come out with a better amount. We went there right away, I know it is very much expensive but I never expected that it will more than what I expected maybe if we were there when her allergy was just started, our ointment and these lotion he recommended will be minimize and we will only spent with a smaller amount. On the other hand, what’s best is that she will be healed finally.

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I Will Know When I Get There

I’d been planning to buy Faith her school supplies, she is very excited about it but her Dad would wire us some funds later in the afternoon yet. So maybe tonight we can already start buying her school supplies. I need to spend our money wisely since I will resign very soon; I am just rendering my one month notice. I am still contemplating either to apply to another company or not yet. I want to stay home yet to take good care of my kids but I am afraid we can’t afford all the expenses. I don’t know, I will know when I am already in the situation.

Faith keeps on telling me that she saw a Wanted sign near her school, I might be interested since it is near at work. You know how kid’s thinks, I hope it is that easy and I hope that even if I only take the Secretary jobs it can level the earnings with what I have now but not of course the salary will be too little that it could not even support my transportation. As I said I will know when I am already in the situation.

If I am there and I realized that I have so many things to sacrifice to live without work and if I would find out that I might sacrifice also my kids needs then that’s the time that I will start looking for work again, probably in a BPO since they are the only company that can accept me despite of my age.

I will know when I am in that situation, and I will decide but hopefully we can afford to support everything even without me working. I am hoping, I will know when I get there.


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Capturing all of our Costs

The economy is struggling now and as a family we all need to monitor our spending. I have not always done so, but more and more I need to track where my money goes and find new and creative ways to use our family income for the things we need. Creating and tracking your budget is can be no more writing down your recurring expenses; however that is not enough to create a good and accurate budget. Using a budget calculator, we can not only calculate or recurring expenses, but as we all know there are emergencies and other incidental costs that come up from time to time. What most of us forget to do when we prepare our budget are “entertainment” expenses. Going to eat at a restaurant, going to a movie or amusement park are things we often forget to budget for. It’s important to capture all of our costs when preparing a budget and this includes, being prepared for emergencies and our entertainment costs.

To Help Offset The Cost

At one time or another all car owners will experience a major breakdown. A break down that can cost several hundred dollars or more. Having an extended service plan can help offset the cost. Having an older car usually means more trips to the repair shop and that costs money.

The best way to keep your car on the road is to make sure it has routine service, but on those occasions when it does need repair, an extended service plan will save you money.