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Never Heard A Complain At All

These past few days, I’d been so busy doing some school stuffs merely covering my kids books especially with Faith so that her stuffs won’t easily get torn up. After I covered her school books, she begged me to cover also her newly purchased books. She got 3 books for the land of stories. She had Book 2, Book 3 and Book 5 and all of it was not covered, she noticed that it was easily damaged so she asked me to cover the new one. I told her I would only cover her books if she would help and she was willingly lent me a hand. I guessed she was enjoying it because I didn’t hear any complain at all.

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Good Communication

We all should desire the ability to be able to express ourselves with sensitivity, honesty, and clarity. This is not a naturally occurring skill for the most part. It takes work and practice to master the art of communication. However, there are some basic building blocks that makes the learning process much easier to achieve.

Why is Good Communication Important?

Good communication skills help you to build and keep strong relationships. Effective communication helps you to set limits for others and allows others to feel free enough to express themselves to you. Without effective communication, many situations are often misinterpreted through lack of communication or communication that isn’t clear. This is why relationships of all kinds greatly benefit from the practice of developing good communication skills.

Nonverbal Communication is Still Communication

Many people are under the false impression that communication is largely verbal. However, nothing could be further from the truth. What we convey to others is based significantly on how we behave even when we are not speaking. Avoiding eye contact, speaking softly or looking away convey a message even though there may not be a lot of speaking involved. This is why we must be mindful of the nonverbal cues that we send as well. Our goal should be to convey clear communication that is honest and doesn’t seek to be misleading or limiting.

Practice Makes Good Communication

The more you actually practice talking to people the better you get. You learn to pick up on social cues and you also learn to express yourself better. A good communicator knows how to balance a little anxiety with personal information and open-ended questions. Open-ended questions encourage people to be conversational by requiring more than simple yes or no answers. Open-ended questions draw people out and require them to be expressive in order to clearly answer a question. This form of communication also allows you to practice balance so that the conversation is a two-way street. You should neither talk too much nor too little. Balance is achieved when both parties are able to fully express themselves without the other person cutting them off. Remember, you don’t have to be vickie hoefer speaker to become a better conversationalist.

Communication is a skill that takes time and practice to get good at. Take a few simple tips and guidelines and put them into motion to start the process of developing better communication skills. Don’t overlook the power of nonverbal communication and pay attention to social cues. You’ll be on your way to more effective communication in no time.

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Battle Of The Band Soon

I am so excited for this month. I can finally watch the performance of my eldest daughter on their Linggo ng Wika. Probably it will be held on the last week of this month. They have this competition called “Battle of the Band” and she is one of the participants, she is the base in her group. I saw her practice once but they are already almost finishing when I arrive. I forgot my phone in the car so I was not able to take a picture of her strumming her guitar. But just watching her makes me so proud. They practice at school when they get the chance. That’s why I am thinking to buy her the electro harmonix, it is a sound retainer compression effects. I actually don’t know how it can improve the sound effects of her playing the guitar, Mj should know after all she knows everything about music. I can’t wait to see her perform, thank GOD that the school has this kind of activity in their school. I could not even be contented and happier seeing her so happy with her new school.

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Kids’ Field Trip 2016

It has been a month since I didn’t update this blog, nothing to worry I am just too busy at work and I don’t have much time to update my blogs. Mind you, I am doing everything I can to finish my task online and offline but heck sometimes I got too caught with taking good care of my kids, going to work every day, doing some errands here and there. But I am okay, I am trying though.

On the other hand, the kids just had their field trip the first week of this month. Last July 07, Faith and her classmates went to Latagaw to see some animals, Faith was so overwhelmed because the tour guide explained them everything they saw in the farm. Faith even asked why they separated the other pig from the other pigs. And since I was not there, I didn’t know if the tour guide answered her. My sister just told me what they did in the place. After lunch they went to People’s Park to play and to feed some pigeons.

Mj on the other hand, went to Panabo in Mangrove on July 08 together with her classmates and friends. They were able to experience how to farm, and how to take good care of those living things in the ponds. Mj made a video on what they have done during the field trip. I believed they enjoy the whole trip, there’s only one thing that I got disappointed of, she lost my watch. She said she slipped off the small bridge and since the strap of the watch is a little bit loose; the watch was thrown in the water.


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