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Walking Around The Village

I needed to fetch Faith early today so we can attend her Kumon but then when I got to school, they’re not done yet. The teacher told me that they are having a small birthday party. One of her classmates is celebrating her 9th birthday. We waited there for a long while since the snacks did not come yet. And I was sure we will not be able to get to her Kumon on time then I realized also that I wasn’t able to bring the Kumon worksheets. So it would be a waste of effort if we still go there.

I promised Faith that I will be walking her around the village before memorizing the Multiplication table. So when we arrived home, Faith changed her clothes right away then we walk around the village. She had a great time though especially when we dropped by at our friend’s house.

She had a blast today but right after she cried because of the Multiplication table. I asked her to memorize them but she tends to forget what number is next. We are still up to 6 though and I was planning for her to master the Multiplication table at least next month.


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I Will Just Go To The Doctor

Since Faith did not stop crying when Daddy went inside the departure area, Daddy called us on the phone when we were already inside the car and talked Faith for a couple of minutes. Faith always said “But I will gonna miss you Dad”, a little bit later Faith handed me the phone. Dad told me to tell Faith that he will just go to the Doctor then come back. Faith was a little calm when she hears the reason, good thing she did not cry the whole time in the car, we went to my work for clearance and Faith enjoyed her time in the lounge. She was able to talk to somebody there while I was processing my clearance. I just got delayed in HR because they were in a meeting. When I went outside it was already almost 10:00 in the evening. They all done eating dinner and I am glad they liked the food in the pantry house; I was saved to go to Jollibee to eat dinner.

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There are moments that even though you avoid not to get disappointed and not to be affected with all the things that are going around you but you can’t avoid the fact that somehow you will get hurt and that you feel like the world just stumble down on you. Whatever this person is telling you that everything will going to be okay, you can’t believe it because of the things that happen before and it is still happening now. 
I am obviously tired, I feel like I am just a failure person


I am staring blankly in front of my computer right after trying to figure out what happen to my mouse as it gets malfunction at times, it turns off when I am in the middle of blog hopping. It pisses me off but what can I do, even though I want to save my poor mouse, it just died on me right here and then, it has been so many years we are together now I have to let it go and perhaps buy a new one.
I am worried, yes I am but I am trying not to, it burdens me but I have to be strong. How I wish I will get a ring tonight.
I arrived home and was so sleepy, I told my eldest daughter if she could wash the dishes, while I lie down in our bed for a bit, I am tired of chasing after F at the buffet lunch today with friends, and I think a nap could give me back my strength. Jm offered me a massage when she noticed I still feel so exhausted, right after that, I feel relieved. Now I am here staring blankly in front of my computer, wondering what would be the best thing to write, do you have any idea?