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Birthday Greetings For Our Dear Friend

I guess I already mentioned it here that we attended a birthday party last Saturday. My friend who happens to be the mother of the celebrant is my friend when Mj was still in a swim team. I didn’t expect though that they would still invite us and to be part of this memorable celebration of her daughter who celebrated her 16th birthday party last Saturday.

The theme was Coachella and I didn’t know a thing about the theme. So I just let Mj decides what to wear on that day besides she was the only one who have a participation in the party. Yes she was one of the treasures.

We decided to buy the celebrant a bag; it was a denim bag actually. Mj need to speech but she just said “I hope you would remember with this bag”. I tried to help her with her speech but she said she can do it. Good job Mj!

On the other hand, Aleks happy 16th birthday. I know you’re  a good daughter to your parents just continue being one. Enjoy being young, which means to say study first, reach goal and everything will follow.

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Have you heard the latest song of Charice Pempengco? Well, I’ll tell you it is like you’re listening to an International artist, you wouldn’t believe that the one who sang the song is a Filipino, her voice is really amazing. And as a Filipino I am just so proud of this girl, she did hit the heart not only to us but to the whole world as well.

Here is the video of the song:

Funny Letter

Two nights ago my friend shared with me a letter that her friend gave her, actually I already read this letter somewhere here in blogsphere but since I didn’t have a copy of my own and I don’t want to steal that letter from them, I refused to post it here. I would rather to wait for someone who won’t hesitate to give me a copy of this funny letter. I know I don’t have the right tools when it comes to speak in English, I even always consult my hubby if I am using the right word to express of what I wanted to point out, good thing I have him to always be in the rescue.

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