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The Friends you Make As Part Of A Team Might Just Be Your Friends For Life

Mj has been like swimming since 4th grade, I am sure to those who read my blogs, they know that she stopped for one year and she just got back now. But I am so amazed to see that her friends from before still see her as a friend. When we joined the competition the first week of this month, her friends that she met before still smiled at her and talked to her.

I just read this from a sporty girl said in a magazine “The friends you make as part of a team might just be your friends for life.” It is true even though the parents are having issues yet the kids would never mind it at all. They swim their best in the pool to win or to break their time but outside the pool or when they are relaxing whatsoever, they were giggling, laughing and talking. You will never notice that they are in a different now because of the friendship that they built some time ago, it is rooted and founded by the memories that they have shared when they were still team mates.

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We Will Be Visiting A Friend Today After Her Stuffs

Today my friend Joyce invited us for a swimming in their subdivision, yes she already maintained her house in that exclusive subdivision and she would like us or Mj to see the pool in the clubhouse. It is not the typical 25 meter pool for the swimmers but even though it is only for leisure, I am sure she and her friends will have so much fun. I am also excited of her house, the looks of it now because the last time I saw it, it is still empty. Now it is I am sure filled with appliances already. I will be getting the car today, so I’ll be driving the whole day today, we will be going to the new school as well for her interview, then to Kumon and lastly we will visit my friend to their new house.

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Home Late

I just went home, the training was late to finish tonight because one swimmer was late and so to wait for her to finish her lapse, we decided to stay for a while. I supposed to go out for workouts but when I went to the gym, I found out that they don’t have session for Saturday. I asked if they have foot spa and pedicure but they told me to wait for one hour because they don’t have much staffs today. I decided not to, instead I went back to the pool to wait for Jm instead, later one of the parents invited us for eat all you can dinner and so together with my friend and her daughter we went with them and your’s truly is again so full.

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It Is Forever

It is nice to meet up some friends again, yes when my friend messaged me that her and together with our other friend is having lunch in the mall. Right after I am done with my business in the bank and send the car to the gasoline station for change oil service, I went to the mall right away to meet my girl friends. I actually just dropped by there since I was on my way to pay my Pag ibig contribution, we chatted in a while and hearing some of our whereabouts, it is jus t too amazing that even we are no longer at the pool, we still had the time to meet and catch up. So this friendship does not only circulate at the pool where we usually meet, but this is for good and forever. I love you friendships!

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