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Birthday Greetings For Our Dear Friend

I guess I already mentioned it here that we attended a birthday party last Saturday. My friend who happens to be the mother of the celebrant is my friend when Mj was still in a swim team. I didn’t expect though that they would still invite us and to be part of this memorable celebration of her daughter who celebrated her 16th birthday party last Saturday.

The theme was Coachella and I didn’t know a thing about the theme. So I just let Mj decides what to wear on that day besides she was the only one who have a participation in the party. Yes she was one of the treasures.

We decided to buy the celebrant a bag; it was a denim bag actually. Mj need to speech but she just said “I hope you would remember with this bag”. I tried to help her with her speech but she said she can do it. Good job Mj!

On the other hand, Aleks happy 16th birthday. I know you’re  a good daughter to your parents just continue being one. Enjoy being young, which means to say study first, reach goal and everything will follow.

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Birthday Post For My Eldest Daughter

It will be her birthday tomorrow but yesterday I already greeted her a Happy Birthday. This is what I wrote to her wall.

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Yeah there are times that we could not understand each other. I feel like whenever I told her what’s good and what’s bad, she has resentments. And most often than not, she does not follow at all, I guess teenagers thought that life is just so easy without their parents. They wanted to be free but they don’t know what is ahead of them when they don’t follow. Parents may be too much of reprimanding them because they know what could lead them if they don’t listen. So I will not give on her, never, even though sometimes I feel so tired at all but because I love her I will not give up on her. I am not saying my daughter does not respect me at all but there are times that she just resists and just ignore whenever I tried to tell her something.

Oh well anyway enough of that, it is her birthday tomorrow. We will just treat the team in the club house. I just have to buy some pizza for them. To Mj, always remember that I love you always and I will always be here for you.


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Raining on Valentines Day!

Yes, it was raining on Valentines Day here, too bad for those who have dates. They must go home early last night. I spent my Valentines Day with some parents from the training; we went to the mall to smack some snacks. Then I went upstairs for a while to buy a mug and a towel for the love trip of my daughter, she said they will go to a charitable institution to give the mugs and the towel, she asked me for some chocolates and flower but let’s see if I could still find time to buy that.

Right after we finished our snacks, we went back to the pool to check if the swimmer were done exercising. I found my daughter and one swimmer eating already their dinner at the canteen they said since it was raining, the dryland finished early. We went home after that, it was raining still and there’s no Jeepney available, we have to wait for a moment to get one. It was raining on Valentines Day and we were soaking wet when we arrive home, how about you? Where were you on Valentines Day!

Her Greetings

I supposed to go out today to grocery shop but I am too tired from our New Year celebration so I opted to just stay home. Plus my friend Cheryl is here at home, she bought a wine for us to drink, it is actually tasted juice not a wine. My kids are watching TV, Faith is coming back and forth to tell me what’s in the TV, she also said hi to Cheryl’s sister from Canada in webcam. This is what I like about her because even at the resort, she would greet the staff and the cable car driver, even the guests. Good thing they would response her greetings so she smiled back.