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Faith Got Sick!

It was last Wednesday that she complained of having a toothache the moment she went out from Kumon. I bought Paracetamol for preparation but then the toothache was already gone yet she still has a fever. Sister Merlyn noticed she is having runny nose, so we sent her to her Pedia, she was prescribed of some medicine yet her fever is still on and off. I sent her back to her Pedia on Tuesday, we were required to have a laboratory test and after an hour, we handed the result to her Doctor. He informed me then that Faith is having a UTI infection. That could be the reason why her fever did not go away. Right after she took her anti-biotic, she gained her strength and the fever was slowly gone.

Faith got sick for almost a week and I was so worried. I’m afraid it could be something else that is more dangerous. And good thing it was not, it was still an infection I know but at least we don’t have to send her to the hospital for admission. When I found out that Faith got a UTI infection, I tried to recall what could have been the cause, the only thing I had in mind was the junk foods when we were celebrating our Fiesta. Thus, I told her not to eat any chips at all, she answered me back right away “Mom who bought the chips again?” I realized it was me, so I guess no buying at all, lol.


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Thank you My Daughter

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I almost got admitted last Friday but since there was no room available they advised me not to. Besides, my condition is not that worst, I had a UTI that is the reason I chilled. My eldest daughter was with me the whole time she was the one who took good care of me while I was in the Emergency Room, yes I went to Emergency Room right away after my shift because I was worried about my blood pressure, but all is normal, it subside after I rested. When I was lying down at the ER, Mj was the one who bought me food, who feeds me, who asked the nurse of my condition, who made a follow up of the result and who bought me my medicine. I am so thankful that my eldest daughter, just arrived from school, took the full duty of being a nurse for me the whole day in the hospital and not only that she was even the one who took good care of me at home. When we arrived home, I went to the bedroom immediately and slept, Mj was the one monitoring my temperature every now and then, she got worried when my temperature went up to 38 again, she asked my sister Merlyn to cook dinner real fast so I can eat and I can take the antibiotic that was given to me for my UTI.

When I was done eating my dinner, she gave me my medicine right away and lay me down to rest. She keeps on putting a temperature and was relieved when my fever went down. My head is still heavy though but its manageable now unlike before. Mj was the one keeps on reminding me of my medicine and the  one who always asked me if I am okay. I am already okay and getting better now it is because of my daughter. It is good to have a daughter like my daughter who never left me during the times that I am not better.

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Everyone Got Sick

It was during Wednesday when we got home last week, I accidentally touch Faith skin and I noticed right away that she had a fever. I thought it will go away after she took medicine but it didn’t, it went high instead. I took an absence and haven’t sleep for the whole night to monitor her fever. I let her be absent in the school too. On Friday, her fever continues, I sent her to her pediatrician. She was given an anti-biotic, the Doctor said she have a cough that could not get out. Her fever still continues and even higher. I took an absent again from work. When Faith fever subsided, the next day I went to work but when I got home, in the afternoon Mj said that Faith’s fever went back and it was 39. I want to be absent again but I can’t so I asked the kids to monitor her again. On Monday even I didn’t have sleep, the moment I got home, I sent her again to her Pediatrician. Even without the Pediatrician notice, when I learned that he is still not in the clinic yet. I have Faith checked her CBC platelet just to make sure that she doesn’t have Dengue. We waited for one hour for the result and thank GOD her platelet count is normal. We just bought more medicine for her. We went home about 8 in the evening and what; I just slept for 4 hours.

Faith recovery went fast then and now my niece was the next, she got fever on Sunday. I sent her to the clinic on Wednesday; we learned that her platelet count went down. There was someone recommended me a Bua Merrah, it’s a drink that can help anyone with her platelet. We had a follow up laboratory the next day so Mariel needs to have her platelet improved at least. The next day her platelet went down but I felt down too. I got a fever but I can’t take any absent at all until I feel like I am so weak already on Sunday. My fever went up, the Doctor said I got over stressed and I have UTI even I have Tonsillitis. I need to rest I need to sleep. Good thing Mj is okay she was not sick at all, maybe because she exercise a lot.


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Protect Your Kid’s Skin During Summer

When Mj was still a kid and had a hard training for swimming. I always don’t mind putting sunscreen lotion on her skin until I was rebuked by my friend. She was the only who told me that putting sunscreen lotion to her skin should be a routine before her training especially during the excruciating heat of the sun. So from then on, I always have her lotion ready before her training.

Even if your kid is not swimming, even if you just have a simple walk in the park, it is very important for us parents to have your kids wear protective clothing or sunscreen for your kid’s skin to avoid skin damage. Our weather today is very much different with the one that we have before especially during summer.

Your kids should be wearing the SPF 30 or even higher for maximum protection. The skin disease that your kids might get if they don’t wear sunscreen are skin rashes, sunburn, cell and tissue damage. If one of your kid activity is swimming, make sure you apply her or his the water resistant sunscreen lotion, which can help protect skin from UVA and UVB rays. Remember lotion can be wash off in water, so you should reapply the lotion at least every one hour.


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