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Letting Your Imagination Flow

Hi I’m Faith. It’s sometimes a wonder how people make books. OK so about books, on my experience I think they are wonderful. Since I’m a kid I made an idea with my classmates to make  books and guess what they said YES! Starting now I finished 1 prologue and 4 chapters is that the end no it isn’t over yet! So let’s go over some tips of making books.

Beginning: You have to start writing. Wanna be classy? Use a prologue!

Middle: OK now since your in  chapter 1/chapter 2 get motivated! So you can stay on track.

Twist: Make a villain or a spy in disguise make something bad happen!

Ending: OK  you’ve done all the 3 parts of  the book now you can make an ending. If you want you can make a sequel!

So now you know how to make a book…..but you don’t know what you need!

1st of all you need a cover  you can either make it out of cardboard or ply wood!

2nd you need paper all, lot if you want to make a big book.

3rd something to keep it all together like a stapler or glue! Easier if you use stapler harder if you use glue.

OK know you got all you need….but 1 thing left. 1 thing left until its over. It is to become a writer!

Faith out!

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