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How to Plan for the Moment Your Meet the Love of Your Life

Some couples that have been in a relationship for a decade or more are able to pinpoint the exact moment that they knew they loved their significant other. And it’s unlike anything you have ever felt or imagined before. Love takes work. It isn’t all fairytales and rainbows, like you see in the movies. And you can’t really prepare yourself entirely for falling in love. But you can plan for the moment with a few life-bettering techniques.

Love Yourself First

Before you love anyone else, you should strive to love yourself. You are the only you in the world. There is no one that comes close to your uniqueness, despite their being 7-billion others on the planet. And, of those billions, you could have multiple love interests. But you should be your first one. Talk to yourself in the mirror, tell yourself how great you are, and really focus on loving who you are and what you stand for as a complete person. No one will ever complete you—but they CAN complement you. Focus on you and what you like before you plan on focusing on someone else.

Be Open to New, Exciting Experiences

When you feel that you are ready for whatever comes your way, be it love or adventure, be open to new and exciting experiences. Instead of saying no because someone looks different than what you expect of your soulmate, say yes because you might have an amazing time hanging out with a genuinely awesome person. Leave your shallowness at the door, and learn to love others the way you learned to love yourself.

Let It Happen

Falling in love is something that simply happens—no plans, rhymes, or reasons. So, let it happen. Don’t push to be in love. When you reach a certain age, you understand why teenage “love” is often called puppy love. Because most of the time, that kind of love is naïve and immature. If you want a love that lasts, open yourself to the possibility of mature love with compassion and understanding. Believe that love can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere, whether you are a Lake County family attorney, or a circus performer traveling from one place to another.

When you fall in love, you have the choice to let it progress and learn from it, or end it completely. However, before that, the aforementioned list could help you plan for the moment your love comes into your life, regardless of how long it takes or how long your future relationship lasts.c

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I Hope You Know

I hope you know that I love you so much, that’s why I want you to do well. This is not for my own good but it’s for you. I am not asking of too much, I am only asking enough for you to prove that you are really working hard for it. I understand sometimes things are just hard to bear, that is life and whether you like it or not, you have to dwell on it.
I am also sorry if I have telling you things you don’t like, I am sorry if I hurt you and made you cry. I am just a mother who cared for you a lot and I hope you know that I always love you so much. No matter what happens, you are always be my little darling now and then.

Alphabet for Parents Part II

When our kids failed to meet our expectation at school, what would we do? Do we spank them or raise our voice or insult them to make them feel they should work out more on their studies? I know we want them to get high grades in school but what if, no matter how hard they tried, they just could not meet your expectation.

My eldest daughter is an average student, sometimes she could not make it, and sometimes it is easy for her. I used to scold her before but I’ve learned my lessons, I realized I just have to talk to her calmly and broadened my understanding, all kids are different, they have different skills and likes and we could not insist what we want but we could support them what they want so they could achieve their dreams.
I have posted it here the part 1 of the Alphabet for Parents, and this is the continuation of it. It is from the book Dealing Positively with Children by Corazon Ples Padilla, Ed.D and Rosario Ples Nem Singh, M.A.
  • Manage your home schedule: chores, television, etc., for your child. Don’t let these activities do the managing.
  • Notice changes in your child’s attitudes, emotions, interests and appearance.
  • Open new doors of experience for your child by encouraging lessons in art, music, athletics, foreign languages, typing, domestic, and mechanical arts.
  • Pray with your child. “The family that prays together stays forever.
  • Quiz your child before tests and other competitive events.
  • Refrain from open criticism of any type of authority in the presence of your child.
  • Seek for yourself the Kingdom of GOD, and you child will follow you.
  • Teach your child the art of self-control, the beauty of inner virtue, the honor of patriotic service, and social graces of refined people.
  • Use all the available opportunities offered by your city and nation to develop and perfect the talents of your child.
  • Venerate your religion, the sacred liturgy, the sacraments, the things of GOD. Your child is “another you”: she will do the same.
  • Welcome suggestions, both laudatory and critical with an open mind.
  • Examine your child’s work with interest, encouragement, and recommendations.
  • Yield to your child’s request for exceptions or favors only when the best interest of your child is served.
  • Zealously embrace this privileged task of rearing your child in the image of GOD with hope, confidence, and gratitude to the One whose creative power you share.

That’s why it is called present

I and my daughter just watched a Kung Fu Panda this evening at HBO. Although it aired how many times here, my daughter can’t just enough of it. It showed here a lot of times but whenever I tried to remember the quotation of Oogway when Panda was so upset and ate all the peaches in the trees, it seems it will just slipped away in my head until now because I just have to wrote it down so I could get the complete message.
Yesterday is a history
Tomorrow is a mystery
But today is a gift
That’s why it is called present.
In some way, I always got astounded with the message. And in other way, it made me realized that the message entails about the importance of today and that we must do our best to make it right. Yesterday is already a history and no matter how we blame ourselves for the mistakes we committed we can’t just turn back time, so we will just focus of how would we correct the past by not doing the same mistakes again and move forward and must be ready for the mystery of tomorrow. No one knows what store for us in the future but if we have the best equipment in life with us, nothing could go wrong. We just have to believe in ourselves that we can do it, no matter how hard it is for us.
How about you? What came up into your mind with the quote?