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How to Plan for the Moment Your Meet the Love of Your Life

Some couples that have been in a relationship for a decade or more are able to pinpoint the exact moment that they knew they loved their significant other. And it’s unlike anything you have ever felt or imagined before. Love takes work. It isn’t all fairytales and rainbows, like you see in the movies. And you can’t really prepare yourself entirely for falling in love. But you can plan for the moment with a few life-bettering techniques.

Love Yourself First

Before you love anyone else, you should strive to love yourself. You are the only you in the world. There is no one that comes close to your uniqueness, despite their being 7-billion others on the planet. And, of those billions, you could have multiple love interests. But you should be your first one. Talk to yourself in the mirror, tell yourself how great you are, and really focus on loving who you are and what you stand for as a complete person. No one will ever complete you—but they CAN complement you. Focus on you and what you like before you plan on focusing on someone else.

Be Open to New, Exciting Experiences

When you feel that you are ready for whatever comes your way, be it love or adventure, be open to new and exciting experiences. Instead of saying no because someone looks different than what you expect of your soulmate, say yes because you might have an amazing time hanging out with a genuinely awesome person. Leave your shallowness at the door, and learn to love others the way you learned to love yourself.

Let It Happen

Falling in love is something that simply happens—no plans, rhymes, or reasons. So, let it happen. Don’t push to be in love. When you reach a certain age, you understand why teenage “love” is often called puppy love. Because most of the time, that kind of love is naïve and immature. If you want a love that lasts, open yourself to the possibility of mature love with compassion and understanding. Believe that love can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere, whether you are a Lake County family attorney, or a circus performer traveling from one place to another.

When you fall in love, you have the choice to let it progress and learn from it, or end it completely. However, before that, the aforementioned list could help you plan for the moment your love comes into your life, regardless of how long it takes or how long your future relationship lasts.c

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Girl’s Talk : Cheesy!

My husband and I are too miles apart from each other, I guess it is not new to everyone else here who keeps on reading my blogs. I am still worried right now and I hope on Saturday this will be gone. I can’t yet to tell everyone here what it is all about. Well, that’s me I keep it to myself until it is resolved or until it is alright. And when I am stuck with these thoughts, with this feeling I just can’t write or say a word that is relevant for any topic, but I hope the pictures below will justify the theme for today. CHEESY, MUSHY, SWEETY that is!
First date together!

When our little love bug arrives
My life and everything!

In love and happy
but he was asleep. LOL
I miss you hon!

Girl’s Talk : Courageous Acts of Love

I fell in love twice or even thrice before but as I thought they were my knight in shining it turns out to be not, they were not worthy of my trust and love so when I met my husband, it was different he showed me what real love is, and he is there always even we are a thousand miles apart. We had our shortcomings but we tried to fill in what’s lacking there, I usually lose my patience but because I love him, I tried to strengthen it. It is hard when you argue and he is not there to voice out your feelings specially he has this characteristic of owning all the blames, I know he would choose that to keep my mouth shut, like for an instance we argue over something, and I would disagree, he will just say “ok, it is my fault and I am bad because I didn’t do it or I did it” and I hate that! But because I do love him, the next day or maybe later I would compose myself, comprehend and talk to him.

I sometimes cannot take the situation without him on my side and for me this is not right and this is not what I wanted. Only our love and his promise made us strong, and of course our little love bug Faith who looks like him. He misses and loves us that much and I know no matter what future stored for us, he will be there and we will be together.

A Poem for Us

My husband has missed her little monster birthday party again! Too bad, but I know Dad will always be there for us, no matter how miles we are apart from each other. His girls knew that he love us and cared for us in every way he does.

This poem is long overdue, my husband made this poem for us.

 I took my kids to the mall

For a small shopping spree

 We are short and not tall

 But we are three

 Faith ran and played

 And she would not stop

 But Mj with me stayed

 And always help when I shop

 We chased after Faith when she got away

 And caught her in a corner

 Mj took her by the hand

 And brought her back to mother

 We had fun in the mall

 Seeing all the sights

 Now it’s time to sleep and rest

 And snore throughout the night.