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Family Will Be Having An Outing Today

Yes, we will be having an outing today. We were invited by our friends in the pool and I am sure my kids will enjoy it so much especially Mj who missed swimming a lot. She wanted to go back but I didn’t allow her to, I mean it is already like number of times that we stopped and this time it will be a waste of time since she will be in college soon. I was thinking to enroll Faith though it just that I am too busy with work and stuffs, maybe in summer we will. Moving forward, my friend messaged me one day and asked if I wanted to come, I said yes it’s time for me and my kids to unwind with minimal cost because we were all be contributing and the venue is eye catchy, they said its one of a top rating resort in Samal this time I’ll make sure to capture every moment. So guys have to go now, I have to go to my other friend to get the pop cake I ordered. Have a nice day everyone!

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Can’t Let Go

I really had so much fun last night even though we stayed on the side of the street to hail a jeepney for Mommy Kat; we still had a good laugh! My day was just great, although I am a little worried of my grade 5 student because I was not able to help her review her notes, I hope she can do it on her own. I know I have to let her go, I know I have to let her do her things since she is already on her 5th grade but I am not just ready. I guess a mother anxiety strikes on me sigh! She told me she study her lessons last night, she meant it, she really does. I know I should have trust her, maybe I am just too concerned that she can’t do it alone. How much more if they decided to get married years and years from now, how would I accept the situation? I should say knock on wood. Hahaha! I just hope that it won’t come not just yet, LOL!

Family Event Today

We just supposed to held our family event today in the nearby pool, but when my sister Irenei went here this morning to see if my eldest daughter was already awake so they could skate together, she suggested to held it in a pool where we haven’t been before, she thought at EMARS the only wave pool here in our place.

We went there past 12:00 n.n already but even we arrived there too late yet we still had so much fun, whenever they signal for a wave, the kids have to get ready to wear their life vest so to protect them from drowning. I did not went near where the big wave was, my eldest daughter was so brave to face the wave, well among us she was the only one who have the guts to go near at the big wave because she knows how to swim.
My youngest daughter on the other hand, wanted to be with her sister but we did not allow her, of course she was barely almost three years old. She keeps on asking me and begging me to go where her sister was, good thing her attention was diverted to the slides. We still had so much fun with the wave though it was only some little waves.

We will going to the pool

Today is the awaited day of the kids, as of this very moment they are waiting for me in the living room to finish what I have to do here. I promised them we could go out in the pool but I didn’t tell them when it is exactly so this is kind a surprise to them, finally I made up my mind.
I am so excited too, as I get to bond with my kids in the water. The last time we were in the pool, I had guests with me so I was not able to soak in with them. We are not bringing any food, I guess we have to order our lunch there; anyway we won’t have to stay long. So Ciao everyone!