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Family Will Be Having An Outing Today

Yes, we will be having an outing today. We were invited by our friends in the pool and I am sure my kids will enjoy it so much especially Mj who missed swimming a lot. She wanted to go back but I didn’t allow her to, I mean it is already like number of times that we stopped and this time it will be a waste of time since she will be in college soon. I was thinking to enroll Faith though it just that I am too busy with work and stuffs, maybe in summer we will. Moving forward, my friend messaged me one day and asked if I wanted to come, I said yes it’s time for me and my kids to unwind with minimal cost because we were all be contributing and the venue is eye catchy, they said its one of a top rating resort in Samal this time I’ll make sure to capture every moment. So guys have to go now, I have to go to my other friend to get the pop cake I ordered. Have a nice day everyone!

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I Was Not There And That’s Too Bad

Christmas Party of the kids is over, too bad I was not able to attend to it but I was able to fetch them at school. Mj have to stay so it was only Faith who went with me going home. Upon going home, my youngest daughter confronted me saying that the party was great but she was not able to enjoy it because I was not there. She said all my parents’ classmates are all there except me.

I was stunned with what she said; it’s my fault it has been like how many times already that I did not attend her events at school. I felt too guilty. I promised her that next year I will do my best to attend her events if I have to call in to be absent. I just wish though that they will notify me ahead of time so I will be able to file a leave, in that way I will not be given any disciplinary action because of my absences.


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Attending Another Birthday Party

Faith classmate sent her an invitation card for her birthday party. Faith is again bugging me about it. I don’t want to go since this week; we have rest day overtime. But how can I say no, when she remembers it all the time. And this will be my only way to make up to her whenever I could not attend to her Recognition Day at school.

My off from work is at 10 in the morning, so I texted my eldest daughter to send Faith first to Kumon and we will just wait for her until she finished so we can attend to the birthday party. Mj and I went to the dentist first, and then we went to the mall to buy Faith’s classmate her gift.

My eldest daughter helped me to pick the best gift, which Faith will also like. It was a nice Frozen Doll. When Faith saw it she wants me to buy for her too. But our money is budgeted so I just promised her that I will buy her something else next time and I am thinking to buy her a new book since she has been asking that for how many days now.

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Parties We Attended This Month

I guess December is really for parties. Oh well we just attended 3 birthday parties this month. Of course I was with my kids. First week of December, our team mate has their birthday party; yeah I use “their” because 3 of our team mates will celebrate their birthday together in the club house. My kids and I went their early, we were able to buy gifts for the celebrants, I was able to set some money aside for them it is not extravagant but I hope they like it.

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Kids while waiting for the party to start.

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The birthday celebrants

My sister also celebrated her birthday last December 18, and she invited us for dinner again. We decided not to attend the training since the dinner will start a little early this time. I don’t have money to buy some gifts but at least I had an extra hundred bucks to buy ice cream and she was already delighted with it.

 photo 1504652_10202238911173756_8467740098538392741_n.jpg

Us with the birthday celebrant

 photo 988959_10202238909973726_3873493270852526559_n.jpg

The celebrant and her mother in law

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