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Parties We Attended This Month

I guess December is really for parties. Oh well we just attended 3 birthday parties this month. Of course I was with my kids. First week of December, our team mate has their birthday party; yeah I use “their” because 3 of our team mates will celebrate their birthday together in the club house. My kids and I went their early, we were able to buy gifts for the celebrants, I was able to set some money aside for them it is not extravagant but I hope they like it.

 photo IMG_0268.jpg

Kids while waiting for the party to start.

 photo IMG_0271.jpg

The birthday celebrants

My sister also celebrated her birthday last December 18, and she invited us for dinner again. We decided not to attend the training since the dinner will start a little early this time. I don’t have money to buy some gifts but at least I had an extra hundred bucks to buy ice cream and she was already delighted with it.

 photo 1504652_10202238911173756_8467740098538392741_n.jpg

Us with the birthday celebrant

 photo 988959_10202238909973726_3873493270852526559_n.jpg

The celebrant and her mother in law

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My Nephew’s Birthday

Last Saturday, my sister message us and invited for a simple dinner party at their house. Their house is in the other block so after my eldest daughter’s training in the pool. I drove them to sister’s house right away. We arrived about 10:00 in the evening. We were just in the right time because they still have some left for us, yes we were late but they leave some foods for us three. My niece was still not there since she needs to do her project at her classmate’s house. We stayed there until 12 in the morning because after we ate, we sang while the kids had fun.

 photo 63774_10202163229081751_2574468412731066805_n.jpg

My nephew and my youngest

 photo 10846108_10202163228841745_1280829054991937118_n.jpg

Me and my sister the mother of my nephew

My niece went there after an hour, which made us to stay longer. She sent the laptop first at home before she went to sister’s house to eat dinner.

 photo 10421408_10202163231441810_5518863952752864469_n.jpg

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Jollibee Treat Birthday Party

Last Tuesday, right after I went to Ladislawa Clubhouse for a meeting, I fetched the kids at home immediately for them to send them at the birthday party, the venue is in Jollibee at SM mall. We arrived there a little bit late and yet I didn’t buy a gift. I just send the kids in to the venue and I ran off to buy a gift for the celebrant. When I am done, they were already getting their meal. Here are some of the pictures for the birthday party.

 photo 20140401_150751-1.jpg

The birthday celebrant and my youngest daughter. I just arrive here from buying a gift for the birthday celebrant and too bad because I miss the game. I am sure Faith had lots of fun, they are already distributing the meal this time.

 photo 20140401_154507.jpg

My eldest daughter smiled for me. Everyone is waiting here for Jollibee to come.

 photo 20140401_154601.jpg

The birthday celebrant and her Dad

 photo 20140401_154729.jpg

And the kids

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Guarding Birthday Party’s

This afternoon we will be pretty busy, my kids and I have to leave early at home to go to the mall. I guess I already mentioned this to one of my blogs that she was invited for a birthday party and they have to wear a Hawaiian costume. Mj and I already spotted a costume for Faith the other day and it is not expensive at all so I will bring Faith today in the mall to make sure the attire will fit in her.

At first I doubted for Faith to join, you see I am so tight now with money but when I saw the prize that we checked with Mj, I decided to join her in the party. Faith’s love party I guess every child does. I remember Mj before when there is a birthday party in the neighbourhood she would run  home right away to change clothes and she would tell me she have to attend a birthday party.  I guess she would always guard those friends who have birthdays because without invitation she would really join the party.

Faith is obviously doing the same thing now, the difference is she is not guarding the neighbors birthday but of her classmates and those who would send an invitation card. This is her happiness so I must send her to the party. Geez I also have to mind the gift that we are going to give.

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