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An Angry Mom

I am sorry if I am an angry Mom at times but I was it is not because I just feel like it but because I want you be raise well.

I am an angry Mom at times when you do things that in the end you will be the one to feel sorry. I want you to think your action first so you don’t have to deal the consequences. I don’t want you to get hurt the reason why I needed you to listen. I am an angry Mom because I want you to be mature, I want you to know that life is not like a bed of roses that you would enjoy until the end of day, remember roses have thorns that if you will not be careful, you may not feel like it.

Even though, I am sorry that I am an angry Mom but believe me, this angry Mom want only the best for you, this angry Mom loves you so much, always ready to shield you from all the pains, and this angry Mom would always sacrifice just to give you everything in the world. Thus, I hope you would understand, why I need to be angry just for you to know which one is right and wrong. But my love, I am so sorry if I am an angry Mom.

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There is always Someday

Right after we went home, Mj did not skipped the night. She asked me to get her to the pool for training. And as I can see while she is on training, she was not that talkative at all. I guess she is really serious this time. And I am glad at least our time was not wasted by just talking. The reason also that she wanted to swim right away is that after a week she have a competition again. Yes, tomorrow is her first competition for DACS. And she is hoping that she could get a place so she can swim for DACS. But whatever happen even if she won’t qualify, she still have my full support, anyway there is always someday.

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Laboratory Tests Early In The Morning

We are so early today, I have to accompany my eldest daughter to the clinic for her laboratory test because she can’t take her periodical exam today without it. Last Saturday, kids and I went to the mall to buy some stuffs for my kids and niece. My niece bought a hanging blouse and pants and shoes for their acquaintance on that day. We were not able to catch up with the schedule in Alexian for Mj’s laboratory test because they are close at 5 p.m. and we arrived there passed 5 pm already.

Mj woke up early too, she supposed to attend school at 7 in the morning but the xray laboratory will be at 7:30 in the morning. I was not feeling well a while ago, I had an LBM and I got dehydrated but I have to finish the laboratory so we can all go home. When I went home, I was too tired so I slept, I was still not feeling well. I decided to do not let Faith go to school because I just can’t send her. I was too weak, I just tried to get up to update this blog.

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Long Day Today

It is Saturday and we didn’t have training. But Mj was invited to watch a movie with my friend and her kids. We didn’t have training today because we will go to Tagum tomorrow so kids have a rest day. Faith and I went to Kaakbay for her therapy after the therapy we went to the mall to have lunch and so she could also enjoy in Zoofari. We had a nice bonding today, I know it was not good to leave her in Zoofari but the staff said I could and they will be the one to watch after Faith. I went to grocery shop for a while, an hour perhaps. One hour had passed and I have to get her from Zoofari, we went to a restaurant to take lunch. After lunch we went to Kumon so she could attend her scheduled session. It was a long day today, my eldest daughter still had fun and I didn’t receive any message from them later did I know they were late watching a movie. My friend just drove her home.

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