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Her Passion For Swimming

My eldest daughter loves to swim, but to tell you honestly I am really tired of sending her to her training yet I have to send her there because that is what she wanted to do. There is one time that I did not send her to the pool; it was a total of two months. She was just here inside the house the whole morning and in the afternoon she would go out wearing her skate shoes to roam around the village. It was all right with me but I was alarmed because a dog bit her, I had to send her to her pediatrician immediately I was really scared. Good thing it was not serious, the doctor just recommended us an anti-biotic ointment. From then on, I allowed her with swimming and now she is pursuing her training although she went a different venue this time. My husband knew all this, that’s why he is wondering if how much to build a pool in his place plus a raypak heater for it. He is also inquiring the pool at the club house, and at school too, although we are not sure yet when could we be there, my husband just keep on telling me soon, he has made a canvassed for possible swimming pool so Jm could continue her training. But you know what, I prefer her to look for another activity on the other hand, she should be the one to decide which one she loves to do, we are just here to support her.

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Inground Pool Pump

Having a home with a swimming pool has always been a dream. My eldest daughter is a competitive swimmer and it would give her a chance to get in a little exercise. Of course I am not talking about having a competition size pool, but it would be fun to have a pool for all of us to enjoy. One thing that is important is the inground pool pump to keep the water moving. Along with the filter, the pump is an important part of keeping your pool clean.

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Did not bring my laptop for the first time

I didn’t bring my mini laptop when we went for a 4 hours travel. Aside from we will be returning home on the next day, the charger of my Acer netbook doesn’t charge anymore, I guess some chords inside were cut off or something so I didn’t bother to bring it. So when the training of the kids was finished around 5:00 p.m., at 7:00 p.m., I was ready to sleep right after we had our dinner. Besides we have to wake up early in the morning on the next day because the kids will have training as early as 6:00 a.m.
What I missed about not having my mini laptop with this travel is that I was not able to chat with my little toddler way back home. That’s why I was too excited to see her when we arrived home late at Sunday night, she was also looking for me and for Mj when we did not come home yet too. Soon, when she is a little older enough, she could go with us. It is just so hard to bring her anywhere, aside from the dengue fever that attacks again recently, she is too hyper to handle. And knowing her, no one can stop her, hopefully when we get to have a vacation outside in the country of course her Dad will be the one to take good care of her.

Pinoy Henyo

Yesterday, after the meeting and the potluck party, one parent suggested for a game for kids to avoid running around the place and so to prevent injury and such. The game was titled “Pinoy Henyo” this game was originated from Eat Bulaga, a game show here in the Philippines that had most numbered of years on air and still running until now.
The mechanics of the game should be like guessing, there will be a word on your forehead, for us there since we don’t have an equipment for putting a word on our forehead, we just wrote a word to be guessed and place it on the head of the person who would guess, the people in front will just say yes, no, or it could be.
So here we are playing the game “Pinoy Henyo”
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