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They Ended It With A Blast

Just got too busy this month, you see been attending parties at almost every weekend. Oh well spare me, who would not party when it’s December right?

The kids ended their classes with a blast. Faith was awarded for 2nd place during their Spelling Bee at school. It was so unexpected because she was only a substitute, her classmate who supposedly a representative was absent at that time and her teacher just grabbed her. During the contest, while she was waiting for her contender to finish, she got bored that she draw and make doodles on the answer board, when it was the time to show the answer, she had so many drawing on her answer board, it made her Principal laugh so hard.

Just after I learned that Faith got the 2nd spot on the Spelling Bee contest. Mj called me and told me that she was able to do it, her grades was higher this time. Yes she was not one of the honors but knowing the fact that she worked hard for her grades to make it higher than of what we expected that is good enough for me already.

Indeed, they deserve the gifts this Christmas.

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Semestral Break

Yes today marks the official Semestral break of my kids, Mj does not have lesson to study this week but she is too busy with their Intramurals at school as she is joining their cheer dance. Faith has a long quiz so for this week so we studied very seriously, good thing that even we had overtime when we study, she was able to cope with it. She was not even complaining, she just followed me and answered our mock quiz. I am just so happy that Faith is very cooperative when we have to study.

Their quiz was finished yesterday so today they were just having an activity. I caught the boys playing and the girls were cheering for them, my daughter said they were just finish.

Thank GOD it is semestral break I have more time to stay at home with my kids.

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A Wounded Knee On School Break

Finally, Faith’s semestral break is now begun, she could finally slept long hours in the morning while¬† we don’t have to bug her to wake her up. But because of her longest time to play as well, she had an accident yesterday while I was out to grocery shop, she was running together with her cousin and sister when suddenly she fall down and her knee was hit on the ground. She has a scratch and cuts, and she was crying so hard. Mj said, she cried on her nap until she woke up.

When I arrived home, Faith showed me immediately her wounded knee, I said sorry to her and she cried again until I feel like she was already exaggerating, she does not even have tears! I didn’t put a band-aid because I know it will just take me longer to take it out from her knee because she won’t allow me at all to take it. This is how the vacation works for us here, a wounded knee indeed!

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