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Swimming Lesson In Red Cross

I knew this from before that Red Cross has a summer class for swimming, before we had our getaway last weekend I enrolled Faith in basic swimming. We started on Tuesday and we ended up just today. The first day was a lot of fun for Faith, she was able to meet some new friends, which was okay but the thing is when it was her turn for the lesson, she get distracted and she won’t listen. I keep on reminding her to listen, I like her to learn at least one stroke it has been like lots of summer I enrolled her for swimming but she ends up nothing to learn because she won’t focus and she won’t listen, she just keeps on playing. Good thing that the instructor was so patient and strive so hard for Faith to learn but sad to say she wasn’t able how to learn one stroke, she knows how to float and some stuffs but I want her to learn the 4 strokes. Sigh, maybe just maybe I would bring her to a coach so she can learn the 4 strokes and will start swimming and soon she will start her first competition.

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First Day In McDonald’s Workshop

Today, Faith was so excited when I fetched her at home. She always said that she’s going to work or she finally has a job. It’s not what you think that we are having child labor here¬†lol.¬†Yes, Faith asked me before summer to let her enroll in workshop at McDonald and she thought all along that it is a job for her.

First they had a little lesson, I was so proud of her when she raised her hands to answer her question. These are the conversation of the host and her:

Host: What is team work?

Faith: (Raising her hand)

Host: Okay, Faith

Faith: Working together

Me: (Grinning)

And so the lesson went on, the host asked again another question

Host: What is communication?

Faith: (Raising her hand again)

Host: (Pointed at Faith)

Faith: Talking

Me: (Feeling very proud)

Everyone got so excited when the host said that they are going now to the counter

Host: Are you all ready?

Faith: I am always ready

And I got surprised there laughing.

Faith never failed to amaze me, I always find her cute when she answered the question with confident and witty.


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During their lesson

 photo 12994317_10208692679130484_6477818313877062627_n_zpslueyqcj1.jpg

Faith was instructed how to take order

 photo 13006485_10208692676010406_2362346692070380224_n_zpsh4wycuxv.jpg

They were taught how to dance

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Started Summer In Filipino

When Faith had her entrance exam in the new school, her English subject was perfect, her Science had one mistake, her Math was passed but her Filipino was failed. The principal of the new school recommended her to take the summer in that school. However, no one could send her to the new school. So I just enrolled her in the nearest preschool as they conducted summer class in all levels.

In the first week of May, I enrolled her there right away. The teacher was a little surprised because among her students Faith is the only one taking Filipino summer class. Most of them, they are taking reading comprehension and Math.

So far, Faith is reading Filipino already. I told the teacher she can read Filipino however she could not identify the object. Faith is really trying it is just, her knowledge about it is just limited. Moreover, she is enjoying her summer and she said she learned a lot of her teacher.

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Enrolling Her For Swimming On Summer

I am so excited for my youngest daughter this summer; we have planned to enroll her for swimming lesson again. Yes, every summer we always make sure that she has something she can get busy with, I hope the school won’t recommend her to advance study for some subject in summer so she can concentrate on her activities aside from her Kumon on summer. We might also go to the behavioral consultant as well to evaluate her behavior; I am really worried of her being so talkative at school and even here. She can’t seem to be quiet; some said that she might get that from me working in a call center, I know there is no enough base that she got that from there that is why I really need someone to advise me what to do.

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