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The DACS Is Over

The DACS is over and Mj is a bit sad because she does not have a place for first and second. They should have first and second to qualify for DCAA and swim for their respective event. But even if she is included to the ranking, she might just get the relay. My friend said if she could get only the relay, I still have to allow her but I decided if she will only get the relay I will not let her swim. I mean what for?

Mj said though that they were acknowledged by the school, her schoolmate who won golds was the first one who got acknowledged. And Mj as she got the third place, way to go Mj, I know you will get something someday, just continue your training.

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Train Hard To Prove Her Worth

This is what I don’t like about this sports, it is always a mess. On the first day of the competition we heard that there’s a commotion between the coach of the DepEd and a private coach. The mess is about the relay of the kids, the private coach told the D coach that the line-up is not good and that includes Mj. The private coach said this is what I heard that Mj is not fast enough to be on the relay. As what I heard from hearsay that the private coach wanted to have all his swimmers to be in one relay. He even pointed his finger to the chin of the D coach. When I heard about this, I told the parent who told me about what happen, I felt sad for Mj I know she strive hard but with that word, it is frustrating and disappointing. On the other hand, later she did not mind it at all, she just has to strive hard and train hard so she can prove her worth next time.

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Better Luck Next Time

Geez, I am so tired tonight, Mj and I woke up early for her competition. Good thing we were not late since we woke up passed 5 a.m., already. When we arrived at the venue, the swimmers and parents were still outside to wait for the go signal for the kids to go to the swimming pool for warm up. I went out for a moment to buy Mj her drinks; I also need to get the money that my husband wired me today. When I went back to the venue, they already started their warm up. Faith will follow at lunch with my niece Mariel, they attended the therapy today. Mj was able to break her time but not enough to win a place. Sigh! She needs to concentrate more on her training, I know she did her best but I can’t help to take a deep breath when she was not able to win at least in the third place. I need to get the result from our coach her latest time today and the time also of the other swimmers, she needs to take them as her base when she is on training. Oh well better luck next time.

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Medical Certificates for Their Competition

Just this week, we were so busy with Mj’s requirement for her competition on Saturday, and her DACS. With her DACS, they need a doctor to sign for her medical certificate. Good thing that one of the parents in the team, her sister is a Pedia and so we were able to have her sign without any fee at all. I have to say thank you to my friend. Right now they are preparing for their competition this Saturday, I don’t know what would be Mj’s result but I hope she can at least break her time or break the time of other swimmers. Good luck to you Mj and good luck to Red Sail Team!

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