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Better Luck Next Time

Geez, I am so tired tonight, Mj and I woke up early for her competition. Good thing we were not late since we woke up passed 5 a.m., already. When we arrived at the venue, the swimmers and parents were still outside to wait for the go signal for the kids to go to the swimming pool for warm up. I went out for a moment to buy Mj her drinks; I also need to get the money that my husband wired me today. When I went back to the venue, they already started their warm up. Faith will follow at lunch with my niece Mariel, they attended the therapy today. Mj was able to break her time but not enough to win a place. Sigh! She needs to concentrate more on her training, I know she did her best but I can’t help to take a deep breath when she was not able to win at least in the third place. I need to get the result from our coach her latest time today and the time also of the other swimmers, she needs to take them as her base when she is on training. Oh well better luck next time.

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Medical Certificates for Their Competition

Just this week, we were so busy with Mj’s requirement for her competition on Saturday, and her DACS. With her DACS, they need a doctor to sign for her medical certificate. Good thing that one of the parents in the team, her sister is a Pedia and so we were able to have her sign without any fee at all. I have to say thank you to my friend. Right now they are preparing for their competition this Saturday, I don’t know what would be Mj’s result but I hope she can at least break her time or break the time of other swimmers. Good luck to you Mj and good luck to Red Sail Team!

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Swimming Lesson Day 1

This week was Faith’s final exam, it was a roller coaster ride for us because she would sometimes listen and not. But I keep on telling her to answer the exam correctly and she have to listen and follow her teacher. It was very hectic for her; I know Faith tried to understand with what I taught her. And I know she already get tired also of going to school, she has been pressured to answer and not to play. As a reward for her, today we went to the pool for her swimming lesson with Mj’s coach. She was so happy when she learned that she would swim today. I just hope that she would listen.

Faith always does swimming lesson on summer, this is her I guess three consecutive summers already so I am crossing my finger that she would learn some strokes this time so she could join novice competition next time. Anyway she listens and follows sometimes although there are times that she preferred playing than doing what her coach told her. All in all, she had so much fun so till next time.

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Asked To Join

Mj was called by her teacher; the teacher even asked my daughter what have she done why she was called to go to the Prefect of Discipline. Mj do not have any idea why she was being called, when she arrived at the office. She was being asked right away if she want to join the DACS swimming competition I know Mj want to say yes but since I told her not to, she did not said yes. She just asked if the school will provide a coach if in case but the school said no. I know Mj wanted to join again the swimming, she didn’t know that more convincing power from her, and I would already give in. Anyway, if ever I would let her do the training again, her dad and I would talk about it yet. So my answer now is I really don’t know I just want peace of mind and peace of my surrounding.

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