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Swimming Lesson Day 1

This week was Faith’s final exam, it was a roller coaster ride for us because she would sometimes listen and not. But I keep on telling her to answer the exam correctly and she have to listen and follow her teacher. It was very hectic for her; I know Faith tried to understand with what I taught her. And I know she already get tired also of going to school, she has been pressured to answer and not to play. As a reward for her, today we went to the pool for her swimming lesson with Mj’s coach. She was so happy when she learned that she would swim today. I just hope that she would listen.

Faith always does swimming lesson on summer, this is her I guess three consecutive summers already so I am crossing my finger that she would learn some strokes this time so she could join novice competition next time. Anyway she listens and follows sometimes although there are times that she preferred playing than doing what her coach told her. All in all, she had so much fun so till next time.

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Asked To Join

Mj was called by her teacher; the teacher even asked my daughter what have she done why she was called to go to the Prefect of Discipline. Mj do not have any idea why she was being called, when she arrived at the office. She was being asked right away if she want to join the DACS swimming competition I know Mj want to say yes but since I told her not to, she did not said yes. She just asked if the school will provide a coach if in case but the school said no. I know Mj wanted to join again the swimming, she didn’t know that more convincing power from her, and I would already give in. Anyway, if ever I would let her do the training again, her dad and I would talk about it yet. So my answer now is I really don’t know I just want peace of mind and peace of my surrounding.

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I Need Cover Ups To Replace My Sister’s Cover Up

I know I am getting bigger I could not deny that, and so whenever I would go out in the beach or out in the pool. I would always have a cover up but it would be too awkward if I would use a cover up not my size. So I am looking for a size that fits me however I could only found small size in the mall and I have to borrow a swimsuit cover up from my sister since she has one and just only one. And since I kept on borrowing her cover up she ended up nothing to use. I know I have to find a plus size bathing suit cover ups for me whenever I go out for beach party and I might also give one to my sister since the one that I always borrowed from her is already torn out and it looks very old already.

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She Can Swim Finally

I enrolled Faith for swimming lesson for this summer again, yes I enrolled her last week and she was very happy. I thought she will never learn, I mean this is her 3x in every summer for trying to learn how to swim yet her previous coaches were failed to apply the method for her to learn how to swim until this summer. Sister Merlyn is the one who escorted her in the pool and sister Merlyn is having so much fun to watch Faith in the pool because she really tried so hard this time. Faith even told me that she can swim like a dog now so she can reach her kick board not without a float. I am so happy to hear about it I mean my money has not gone to waste because Faith really learn this time. I hope she can already learn different strokes like her sister in the next few months.

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