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Tips To Relate Your Teenage Daughter

Middle school is such an interesting time and it can be pretty confusing for a young lady. As a parent, there are so many things you can do to be supportive, loving and attentive during these times when hormones are raging and emotions are flying. Consider these tips to relate to your teenage daughter in the midst of the middle school years.

1. Conversations
It’s important to make sure that you keep the channels of communication open between you and your daughter. If you don’t, you’ll struggle to maintain a relationship. During these next few years, your daughter will go through a lot of emotional and physical changes. The hormones are at an all-time high and you’ve got to remember that when you’re in communication with her. Always make sure to let your daughter know that she’s loved by you. Make sure that she understands that she can come to you with anything as well. It’s also wise to maintain a clear channel of communication open with her teachers. After all, her teachers will be spending a lot of time with her. Always check in as a concerned parent. Do your best to avoid being a helicopter parent. You never want to hover.

2. Accessories
During this time, most young girls are figuring out what they like. They’re starting to wear lipgloss and eyeshadow. They’re beginning to care a lot more about their appearance. For most people, middle school is the first time to experience the joys of having a locker. Consider purchasing a few locker lookz and accessories to celebrate all that comes with being a middle-school student.

3. Friendships
It’s a good idea to get to know your daughter’s friends. It’s so important to know your child’s influences and friends. Create a safe space for your daughter’s friends to get to know you and vice versa. Host a fun afternoon pizza party on the weekend and invite all of your daughter’s close friends. Don’t spend the entire time hanging out with them. You do want to give them a chance to connect with one another. However, it is important to be aware of the conversation and what they’re getting into.

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No Lunch Yesterday

It is exam week, the schedule that was indicated in the paper that was submitted to us, is that they can go home at 2:00 in the afternoon. I was not able to fetch them up right away because I and my workmates went to a computer shop to check some desk tops. My other friend also has to pay them so he can get already the desk top that he ordered from them. They treat me for lunch right after. I didn’t know at all that Faith did not bring her lunch because Mj told Sister Merlyn not to bring them lunch because they will go home at 12:00, which is I don’t know at all. I expected them to go out at 2:00 p.m. so they have to bring lunch.

It was already 3 in the afternoon that I arrived home, they told me right away that they don’t have lunch and that they were waiting for me. I scolded Mj for not telling me at all, she said sorry and said that Faith is really hungry. I bought them some lunch in 7/11. Faith likes the Lasagna as always, they ate their lunch inside the car while I was driving them home.

This morning, Sister Merlyn prepared lunch for Faith and she put it in the lunch bag. Mj said to bring the pack bag instead of the stroller bag. So I let her transfer Faith things in the pack bag while I was preparing the car. I thought she transferred all the things and just now I just knew that she did not. She called me a while ago and said that Faith doesn’t have lunch, I am still working in my blog and I can’t just leave my work! I told her to buy Faith lunch at school since I can only fetch her later yet. Good thing I gave her extra allowance today, geez teenagers these days!


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Grounded For Going Out

Thank GOD, finally it is Christmas break already. The kids have Christmas Party last Thursday for Mj and last Friday for Faith. But even so it is already Christmas break we are still so busy because today we have to wake up early to attend Faith’s therapy it will start at 10 in the morning. We went to the mall to have lunch, and then off to Kumon. Mj was already waiting for us. Mj went to the Kumon alone as she was still so tired from the party and she was grounded too yesterday. She went to the mall without asking permission from me. She told me that she will go to a birthday party but later I found she went to the mall, she is grounded and could not go out anymore with friends.

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Eyeglasses For My Eldest

My eldest daughter love to wear eyeglasses but I told her she should not wish for that yet she is very persistent. Sometimes she would buy fashion eyeglasses and wear it at school; she said it makes her look smart or genius. Thus, I advised her to wait until she will be my age and she can wear different eyeglasses eyeglasses specials, yes it should be special and the frame should fit on her face. An eyeglasses should not make you look old but it should make you still look young even you are only young at heart. I just had my eyeglasses last year, my husband was the one who picked the frame, the Doctor said he had a good choice because the style was latest and has the Korean style. An eyeglass does not mean you have to pick the most expensive because there are affordable ones that are still dependable when it comes to its quality and durability

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