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Hatchimals Hatch it or Break it

Hatchimals may be good and funny in the outside, but this blog will blab about the bad stuff about it. Hi Faith again and today I’m saying the truth about HATCHIMALS! Yup I’m doing it today guys! OK one of the reasons you shouldn’t buy this toy. One of them is they drop the F-bomb on the owner they even swear in their sleep! Seriously who makes this toy! And development of the child’s brain and society needs to spend time with real people not with robots. And why do they say such a word in their sleep that is not appropriate for the kids! I mean seriously who freaking does that? If you don’t believe me watch it on you tube. Faith Out!

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Doodle Bear

Just a few weeks ago, Faith always told me about Doodle Bear. And since I am confident that she could wait for it until our budget will be back on tract, I didn’t mind all what she said. She told me a week ago that she is collecting some coins to buy a doodle bear. I felt pity for my youngest daughter because she has wanted this doodle bear and I keep on telling her that someday we can buy for it. I didn’t know that she became impatient.

When she said she collected some money. I am already worried that she may take some coins out of my coin purse. I know it is not much but if I will not reprimand from doing it, the next thing I will she is already taking bills. So this morning I talked to her about it, she said she just got the coins from the floor or the shelves in the house. I told her that it is not good to take some coins when she knows it is not hers. I just told her though that we will be buying her a doodle bear when Mama will receive her salary and that she has to wait for it.

She said she understands, I kept the coins in my coin purse with her approval of course. I love my daughter and I don’t want her to keep on doing things that I know it will lead her to something that I and she will both regret.

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The Yippits Has Come

My youngest daughter asked her Daddy to bring her a Fijit but when her Daddy arrived here, he brought the fijit yippets; it is like a pet that can dance, interact when you clap 3 times and that can play music too. So even Faith was looking forward for Fijit Willa, when she saw the Yippits dancing, she already played with it too. Sleep with Fijit as well and dance with it. It is the color pink, good thing it is one of her favorite colors otherwise she would really really get disappointed. So here is the Fijit of my youngest daughter that she would always bring in the car on our way to the school.

 photo HPIM2290_zps6eb6078a.jpg

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My Youngest Daughter Received Blocks Toy

When I was asked by the one who picked Faith’s name for the Christmas Exchange of Gifts for our club, I told her right away to buy blocks for her since the previous blocks were lost. Days passed, before the Christmas party she told me that she bought the big size for Faith, I did not know what she is talking about so I asked what kind of big, and she said that the one I told her. Lol I forgot that I asked blocks for Faith. When Faith received it last Saturday, she was so happy, now she can already build things out of her imagination using blocks. I read it somewhere that kids playing blocks can help them develop motor skills, spatial skills, to help them to be creative and divergent thinking, social skills, and language skills. It also said that it can link with advanced math skills when they grow up.


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