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Youngest Daughter’s Gifts For Her Teachers

At first I didn’t plan on giving gifts this holiday season since we are out of budget but my friend was giving me suggestions where I can buy some gifts and what to buy for a very affordable price. She also advised me to buys early on December or late on November so I can choose nice gifts and affordable ones. We ranged from 50 pesos to 100 pesos for the adviser we ranged from 100 pesos to 200 pesos. She said it’s Christmas, the price of the gift is not important at all but the thoughts that you gave even the gifts are not that pricey. For now, I am already done buying the gifts for her teachers so in the coming week I will just mind buying my kid’s gift to their respective Manito and Manita. Thank GOD that even I am always out of budget, He provides for us. I also want to thanks my friends who are always there to support me.

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UTI In Infants

Urinary Tract Infection or UTI in kids is not that straightforward compare to adults. If adults had UTI or the older children, usually they got it outside. In infants, UTI means the urine structures inside the body may have problems so it is better if you send the baby to the doctor right away. UTI in infants should have further investigation especially when you see a blood on the baby’s diaper. Water intake can help the discoloration but it won’t prevent an infection from occurring. If the baby has been sent to the doctor already and still you see blood on her or his underwear, you should send the baby again and have repeat testing so to make sure for the baby’s health and her or his safety.

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Newest Skirt Of My Youngest

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Yesterday, when we went to church my youngest daughter wanted to pee, so I asked her sister to go to the CR with her. And of course when it is a public toilet, expect the toilet to be wet or a little messy. My eldest daughter told her sister to do a squat in the bowl, but Faith said her pee jumped and wet her pants. I got frustrated but I can’t do anything with it anymore what is done is done, so after church, before we go to watch a movie I dropped by at the kid’s section to buy her a skirt. This skirt is only almost P200.00 it is on sale in SM. We bought this right away to change her pants. I thought it won’t look good on her but Mj said she looks cute on the skirt.

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Reading Overload

I am so pity of Faith when she goes to Kumon because she can’t borrow a book. It is not that the Kumon management does not want her to borrow a book but it is because we were not able to return the book that she borrowed weeks ago. I will be sure that we will bring the book once we go to Kumon on Wednesday. So since Faith could not borrow any book yet, she was able to find the Geronimo Series of her sister. She got busy reading with it, even she do something else she would really insist of reading even during bedtime.

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I told Faith to sleep right away since it is getting late. But right after I was done with brushing my teeth, I found her still reading.

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