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Could You State The Difference?

The meaning of voluntary, voluntarily, or volunteer:

  1. Done or undertaken of one’s own free will
  2. Acting or done willingly and without constraint or expectation of reward.
  3. Normally controlled by or subject to individual volition
  4. Capable of making choices; having the faculty of will
  5. Supported by contributions or charitable donations rather than by government appropriations.
In today’s economy crisis, one could not just volunteer such a huge amount without asking something in return, one spent that money because somebody promised things in exchange with the money spent out. And since one required that, it is not voluntarily at all yet it is an obligation. Between the two words, could you state the difference?

ABC Song

Yes, my little tea pod can speak up ABC clearly now, it was ATE before but now after I corrected her for so many times she was able to pronounce the letters very well. These are only one of the words that she could enunciate very well. She can say good job, no way, never with so many no no no, where’s Mama or where’s Nj, wait for me, oh my gosh, where are you, wash wash wash, brush and so many more. On that note, let me show you her latest video singing the ABC song.

Some words of Faith

Faith is becoming so talkative and take note she sometimes don’t use our native dialect. She could speak in English and I was so surprised because we did not teach her that much.

She could say “Help me, help me” when we have to hug her tight so she can’t escape.

She would say “Oh no” when there is some chasing in the TV

“Oh men” when she can’t do things her way

Thank you and your welcome when you gave in

I love you mama and please when she asks something from me

Look at this, when there is something she wanted you to see

Close the door, when she wanted to close the door

Ouch when she is in pain

Wait for me! If she wanted you to wait for her

Give me that, when she want something from you

Don’t cry, when she sees you crying

No, No, No when she opposed

Come back and go, go, go

Mama, where are you? When she is looking for me

Yes I am and are you done?

Let’s go when she is antsy to go out anymore

Let me go, when she doesn’t want you to hold her

Are you okay? When she asks if you are alright

Delicious and yummy

Hey, wake up! When she doesn’t want you to sleep

Goodbye, see you later

Look out! That was just tonight when we went out to buy a vegetable nearby and she saw the tricycle came in our way.

I guess those were the words she can utter; I forgot some, I am not sure. She got those words from Disney channel and I was so surprised knowing we only seldom talk to her in English. Well, what do you think? Is my husband and she could understand with each other?

Are you okay, Mama?

My Faith, even she was sick, she still so concern about me. She was having a fever and she was lying down beside me. I was waiting for the time so I could wake her up for her medicines; I was so ready to wake her up when I cough so hard, she woke up and asked me “Are you okay, Mama?” I look at her and said ” I am okay, baby, come and take your medicine” She obliged even she did not like the taste of her medicine, then she told me “Thank you Mama”
Those words of my baby, melted my heart. She closed her eyes after but I was still so stunned of how sweet is this baby. I cried at that night since her fever did not went down yet. I really didn’t know what to, what held me during that time was that, nothing could go wrong because GOD was there looking upon us.
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