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My eldest daughter is good with guitar, it started when I enrolled her to know how to play guitar on summer. From then on she could not stop learning, now that she know the chords and all the stuff, even just in you tube she can follow. Yesterday when I was busy doing my task online, I heard her play her guitar again. She covered now the latest song that she found in you tube. Don’t mind our dog, LOL!

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Worry For My Youngest Daughter’s Health

The other day Faith was not able to finish her food, she said her mouth is hurting her. When we checked it, she had mouth sores. The next day I informed my husband about it and said we have to send her to her pedia but as we are also trying to fit in the budget and going to the pedia is out of my budget that day I just told my husband that I will just see if it will not fade that day. Thank GOD though that Faith said she does not feel any pain anymore.

Yesterday we didn’t went to her school because it was raining so hard. Later that day, she put a towel on her ear because she wanted it to be warm. She poked it and now it is hurting her. Mj has ear drops from before but she said it might not work any longer because it can only last for one month yet we still tried it. I kept on asking Faith is her ear was okay she said she’s feeling a little bit better. The next day, this morning she does not felt any pain at all.

Today after Kaakbay, I sent her to Discovery Fun so she can get along with other kids however when I got her she said she hurt her foot. She tipped off while running in the Discovery Fun. It hurts when she walked I hope it won’t swell though.

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We Were Able To Get By Just Fine

Yesterday, we celebrated the birthday of my daughter. I was worried though that my budget is not enough. My friend told me that pizza only cost P550.00 so I guess my budget is just right. I really thought that the pizza has the bigger size for P550.00 but I got more worried when I saw the size of the pizza.

I went to the other mall first to buy paper plates, plastic cups and spoon and fork. I also bought a junk food for us to munch while waiting for the kids to finish their one hour training. Since I still have some left I thought to buy a pancit canton, I already bought loaf bread in the mall. I drove to S & R to buy the pizza; the staff let me choose if I want 8 slices, 16 or squares, good thing I choose square. They asked me to wait for 20 minutes.

I know Faith is already hungry so I bought one meal to share for both Mj and her. After 20 minutes we claimed the pizza and I was surprised with the size. I even asked Mj if we have to buy another one, Mj said though that it was already enough. I bought 2 boxes and I really wanted to go back there to buy another box but it is getting late and we need to pass by at Davao Famous restaurant to buy a pancit canton, which later turned out to be pancit guisado. Oh well I was confused and worried about the pizza that it will not be enough for all of us.

I am just so thankful that I have friends who are always there for me, whom I can depend always. The pizza did not finish right away because we have other foods to choose, one parent brought some snacks an Ube laya or something I am not sure, one parent bought a moist cake with a Happy Birthday Mj greetings, one parent brought a carrot cake and one brought a brazo de mercedes.

Thank GOD! I really thought the pizza was not enough. And thank GOD we were able to get by with her birthday just fine. We were even able to bring home some foods too!

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Birthday Post For My Eldest Daughter

It will be her birthday tomorrow but yesterday I already greeted her a Happy Birthday. This is what I wrote to her wall.

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Yeah there are times that we could not understand each other. I feel like whenever I told her what’s good and what’s bad, she has resentments. And most often than not, she does not follow at all, I guess teenagers thought that life is just so easy without their parents. They wanted to be free but they don’t know what is ahead of them when they don’t follow. Parents may be too much of reprimanding them because they know what could lead them if they don’t listen. So I will not give on her, never, even though sometimes I feel so tired at all but because I love her I will not give up on her. I am not saying my daughter does not respect me at all but there are times that she just resists and just ignore whenever I tried to tell her something.

Oh well anyway enough of that, it is her birthday tomorrow. We will just treat the team in the club house. I just have to buy some pizza for them. To Mj, always remember that I love you always and I will always be here for you.


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