Choose The Laid Back Attitude This Summer

What kind of clothes should we buy for our kids this summer?

There are many things to choose in the mall. But you have to stop in a while and think for clothes that are appropriate this summer, especially this summer is really extra hot. Don’t just pick some clothes, go to the cashier and pay for it. And later on, your kid could not wear it because it is very much uncomfortable.

Yesterday, when we went to the mall, Mj asked me if I could buy her a cap. I didn’t hesitate to buy for it since she really needs it when she go to her dentist without me and she have to commute. She is not fond of bringing an umbrella with her so the cap will help her get some shade from the dreading heat of the sun.

When you buy summer clothes, make sure it has a carefree style and laid back attitude. So when they wear it, it won’t give them irritations and worst make them switch their mood. Look for casual summer wear and it should have a lightweight and airy style, so your kids will not be sweating so much when they wear their new summer clothes.


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She Will Be Coming With Me

I once posted in Points of Views and Travels my confusion if I would bring my eldest daughter to our team building or not. Oh well, this time I made a decision, yes I would bring my eldest daughter to our team building. I know she needs a break this summer and tagging her all along is not bad at all, instead it would give me an excuse not to do things that I would regret in the end. Don’t ask me about it, I would really want to delete it in my memory.

I already paid for her food contribution so this is it; she will be with me next week. When she knew it, she can’t help but to be excited about the trip. This will be added to her travel bucket list that she may want to share with her classmates when the school starts.

After the summer spree, I also enrolled her to drum lesson. So she will have something worthy to do this summer. She has been asking this for years already so this time since she gave up her swimming and she has been listening to me when I asked her to do laundry or to keep the house clean, learning how to drum is the prize.


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First Day In McDonald’s Workshop

Today, Faith was so excited when I fetched her at home. She always said that she’s going to work or she finally has a job. It’s not what you think that we are having child labor here lol. Yes, Faith asked me before summer to let her enroll in workshop at McDonald and she thought all along that it is a job for her.

First they had a little lesson, I was so proud of her when she raised her hands to answer her question. These are the conversation of the host and her:

Host: What is team work?

Faith: (Raising her hand)

Host: Okay, Faith

Faith: Working together

Me: (Grinning)

And so the lesson went on, the host asked again another question

Host: What is communication?

Faith: (Raising her hand again)

Host: (Pointed at Faith)

Faith: Talking

Me: (Feeling very proud)

Everyone got so excited when the host said that they are going now to the counter

Host: Are you all ready?

Faith: I am always ready

And I got surprised there laughing.

Faith never failed to amaze me, I always find her cute when she answered the question with confident and witty.


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During their lesson

 photo 12994317_10208692679130484_6477818313877062627_n_zpslueyqcj1.jpg

Faith was instructed how to take order

 photo 13006485_10208692676010406_2362346692070380224_n_zpsh4wycuxv.jpg

They were taught how to dance

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Kids Need Attention

When our kids committed mistakes we oftentimes gave them the “time out” for them to learn from their mistakes. But there are times that we forgot of giving them the reason why we need to give them punishments.

There are times that we only give our attention to them when they did something bad. Don’t you know that kids even if they know that it is not good to do things like that but since we are just attentive to them when they commit mistakes, they would simply do it? It is not that they don’t know it is bad but they know it is most often than not, they want your full attention to them. Discipline doesn’t mean to give them punishment when they do something that is not pleasing but it should be teaching and learning.

Kids need attention – Whatever it is, it could be positive or negative. Most of the time when we are too busy, we oftentimes forget them, we just tend to let them play gadgets or watching TV,  kids needs our attention so even if they do it negatively, they would push it because for kids negative attention is better than to have no attention at all. This is what I am lacking of, and I always remind myself everyday to take just a few minutes with them, free from any distractions, and do something they want to do. I know everyone is busy, and finding extra time in a day could be hard at first but think of this like an investment in your relationship with your kids. This could be daunting but when you know this is for them to avoid poor behavior, this will have a great impact in the future.

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