Started Summer In Filipino

When Faith had her entrance exam in the new school, her English subject was perfect, her Science had one mistake, her Math was passed but her Filipino was failed. The principal of the new school recommended her to take the summer in that school. However, no one could send her to the new school. So I just enrolled her in the nearest preschool as they conducted summer class in all levels.

In the first week of May, I enrolled her there right away. The teacher was a little surprised because among her students Faith is the only one taking Filipino summer class. Most of them, they are taking reading comprehension and Math.

So far, Faith is reading Filipino already. I told the teacher she can read Filipino however she could not identify the object. Faith is really trying it is just, her knowledge about it is just limited. Moreover, she is enjoying her summer and she said she learned a lot of her teacher.

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And So We Can All Survive

So we decided to transfer Faith however we still did not enroll her although we already made a reservation. At first Faith did not like to transfer but when she heard the Principal saying about letting them play a violin, her face lit up and said “okay, you transfer me MOM”.

Yes, my kids had different likes and wants when it comes to music instrument. Faith likes violin and Mj likes guitar a lot. She even experimenting   some songs and plays it after in her guitar. Right now, actually she is asking dog ear p90 for me to buy her. Yet I guess, I have to lessen spending a lot since we have prioritized something especially when the enrollment is fast approaching. GOD help me budget my money so we can all survive.

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Maybe It Was A Fun Run

8 a.m., at work one of my wave mates burst out a joke saying, “oh no, Manny lose the game!” I was like “whaaaattt??? unbelievable. I know it was a joke because the game did not start yet, and although it was a joke, I began to feel nervous. It’s odd but I did and I was not alone to feel that way. Everyone in the house as well felt very nervous. I am not a fan of boxing but this time I waited and watch the intro in the TV. However our neighbor already started shouting and cheered, my niece even said we should have gotten a pay per view and I said well no one requested for it. So anyway, three of us waited the boxing fight started in the TV while we were also following some shout out in FB. Thus, even though the boxing fight in the TV did not start yet, we already knew what happen in the fight. The fight was so intense and soooooooooooo fast.

Oh well, since we knew already the result, we did not anymore wait for the TV. One shout out, Manny lose the fight. It is not because of he was knocked out but because his opponent keeps on running. LOL. And we began to follow some tweets, saying that May weather won the fight but Manny won the hearts of everyone and that matters. Everyone cheers for Manny but the winner gets booed? So who really won the game?

Maybe Mayweather likes hugging a lot so he could not let go off Manny and maybe May weather was once a runner and thought that he was in a fun run. We certainly knew what we watched and we know for sure who really fought for his best and who between the two acted like a chicken, which never fought after all.

Manny you won our heart and we are so proud of you. You fought with integrity and pride. You got the cheer of everyone because they know who own the ring at that moment; you are our true CHAMPION and congratulations!

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We Will Transfer School

Wow, it has been a month that I was not able to update this blog. Oh well, so many things happened and I believe it happen for a reason. Remember last March, an incident happen to my daughter, in which I decided to have her transfer this school year. At first I was really confused if to transfer her or not but when I tried to enroll her to the same school, the teacher asked of her at home, and I told her she’s absolutely okay at home. If she could not use gadgets or watched TV she just simply read her favorite books. The teacher made a comment that she sometimes have tantrums at school. So even if I already have some money on hand, I decided to have her entrance exam in a different school, non traditional this time. Oh well Faith likes the new school because of the violin, geez I need to save to buy her a new violin.

The result of her exam was perfect in English but on her Filipino, we might not want to talk about that but for sure Faith will going to have a summer class at the school nearby. I am so excited for her but I hope on the first day I am there to attend her, how I wish it will be my day off.

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