I Didn’t Know Barbie Freaked Her Out

When we went out to buy s photo 763ed8de-40d1-4810-bcf6-ac3997e22df2.jpgchool bag for Faith, she asked me a favor to buy her a stroller bag. I did not tag her along since our budget is limited besides sister Merlyn was here to look after her. I roamed around the mall to look for a stroller bag and I found this, as I mentioned I bought this on sale with 20% off.

I was worried with the size, the size of her books might not going to fit the bag. But the sales man said that it has the standard size so the size of the books will surely be fit, the thing is that it varies how many books that Faith has.   Oh well, anyway we can leave their books at school. I just have to make sure to count it before we go home.

When we gathered in  the bedroom the other night while Mj is trying to arrange her notebooks. Faith said that her new bag freaks her out because it is a Barbie Bag and Barbie  looks like a doll and she doesn’t like dolls. I don’t know when did she doesn’t like Barbie at all. Mj laugh and told Barbie is a doll but she’s beautiful so there’s no photo c69cdbab-6c62-40f7-87ee-57e5e4bc8844.jpgthing to freak out.  These are one of the things that I don’t like as a working mom; you seemed cannot follow the changes or improvements of your kids. On the other hand, since I bought her a Barbie bag, I also bought her Barbie notebooks, I thought she will love it but she has the same expression, she doesn’t like it but since she knows that we are having a hard life, she will use it besides she loves me so much and she could not take me to be sad if she will not use it.


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Most Moving Instruments

We all love music in our family, even Stinky the dog.  He will bark along with us when we sing.  I love music, especially music that is emotional.  One of the most moving instruments for me is the saxophone.  I love the sound of a good mellow song with a saxophone solo.  I love it enough to want to learn how to play one.  I know you can buy saxophone online.  Maybe I can talk my husband into getting me one for Christmas.  But to be honest, I have not seen that many female saxophone players.  Wonder If I could learn it.

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The Sugarcane And It’s Importance

My youngest daughter is fond of reading books, mostly she read Science related topic and there are times that she would share me the books that she reads. One of the books that she reads is about “The Sugarcane”.

And as I mentioned earlier, this book that we just bought is about the importance of a certain topic. So anyway here’s what sugarcane is all about.

If you go to Sugarcane farm, you would know that the stalk can grow the same as bamboo trees but they differ with the shoots because bamboo has a hollow shoot while the sugarcane has a solid core. And within the stalk of sugarcane is the sweet juice came from which is the main source of sugar. To those kids who don’t know yet where we get our sugar is from the sugarcane itself.

If you are going to plant the sugarcane you need to lay it to the ground. Just cut the section of the sugarcane to plant it. The buds of the sugarcane help the plant reproductive process.

Don’t you know that the sugarcane also have flowers on it and it actually grows but they appear rarely because the farmers will harvest them before the flower blooms. The farmers have to do the harvest before the sugarcane flowers because they need to gather the seeds for hybridization purposes.


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Time Flies So Fast

My youngest daughter always playing snow not the literal snow but the snow made out of Styrofoam and sometimes she would ask to wear a snow outfit. Of course with our humid temperature here, she could not last a day. I remember my husband is looking for a winter gloves for him to wear during the winter season. I know it is not the season yet but it is better to buy one this time because for sure it will not be too expensive compare to during the season. I am sure there will be lots of discounts if you can buy now. But before buying you have to check what brand you are going to use, of course you need to do some reviews, seek one that is helpful to what you want. You might want to try Cozy Winters Reviews, who knows you can find what you want here, what style and color. I might have to tell my husband of this review, I am sure he will be happy about it. It is June already and I know for sure that in no time, winter will be coming over. Time always flies so fast right?

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