Faith At D Leonor

We had a team building just last May; we went to a nearby pool. I dragged Faith with me since it is just within the city. After our shift, Faith was accompanied with her sister to work, I and my friends went to buy additional foods for the whole team, to save us time I and Faith were the one waiting for the pancit while my friends went to look for roasted chicken.

 photo cats_zpsnrubl2wp.jpg

When my friends arrived, we hailed a taxi cab right away to get to D Leonor where some of our teammates were waiting for us already. On our way there, Faith is becoming uncomfortable on her seat, her lips went white, the trip was a little bit bumpy, and when the driver takes turn, he is hitting the break suddenly that Faith felt so uneasy. When we arrived to our destination, Faith vomit so hard, she even told me to punch her back real hard so she can vomit more. The trip indeed was not easy for her.

Faith wanted to roam around the place, but I stopped her and told her to just stay around. I know she wanted to go to the park in front but I can’t just let her be there because no one will look after her. After our lunch we tried to walk around, but my friends don’t like to get inside the wave pool, they wanted to go to the big pool. We need to ride on a cab, which travels around the area. That’s the time that Faith started to have fun, yeah she was getting bored already just being around us doing nothing but singing and playing a guitar. We stayed at the big pool for 30 minutes; Faith enjoyed the slide so much that she keeps on exclaiming “Extreme!”

After swimming, Faith was so excited for the rides, the thing is that all the rides are not functioning at all. She was complaining about it but instead of whining, we decided to go home instead but before hitting the exit. I grabbed the chance to take a picture of her here:

 photo 19105650_10212761114518826_354622082211933105_n_zpstk6tqqss.jpg

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Benefits of Taking a Vacation

It can be easy to skip taking a vacation if your schedule is crammed with different commitments and responsibilities. Many people don’t think that they have the time to take a break from work to recharge. If you’re in need of a break, there are a few reasons to take a vacation.


Most people suffer from burnout if you don’t give yourself a break. Working overtime and failing to rest can catch up with you and will lead to a poor work performance. If you want to allow yourself to recharge and regain your energy, a vacation is necessary to boost your stamina. You’ll feel motivated to head back to the office with a break that allows you to clear your mind and refocus.

Bond with Loved Ones

Vacations are the perfect time to spend time with family members and friends when you want to strengthen your relationships. You can schedule a trip with your closest girlfriends that allows you to let loose and enjoy good conversation. The trip can also be useful when you want to strengthen your marriage and add a touch of romance to your marriage. The vacation will allow you to create new memories and enjoy life again.

Feel Pampered

Staying at a luxurious hotel like Jupiter Beach Resort and Spa will allow you to feel pampered with an accommodating staff that is available. Visiting the on-site spa can make it easy to relax while getting a soothing facial or massage. You can unwind and boost your energy levels with the spa services that are available, which will make you feel like royalty. Room service that is offered can also enhance the experience by having breakfast or a midnight snack delivered to the hotel room where you can dine out on your balcony.

Have Fun

It can often be challenging to have a good time in life if you rarely have a free day to yourself. You won’t have any excuses to avoid fun when you’re surrounding a lush environment where zip lining, horseback riding, and hiking are available. Filling your day with fun activities can make it easy to enjoy a bit of adventure that will make for an unforgettable trip.

When you’re ready to let your hair down and unwind, taking a trip will prove to be beneficial and allow you to return to your normal life. Although it may be hard to leave the destination, you can be motivated to plan another trip in the future when it’s time to stop and smell the roses.

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Thank you My Daughter

 photo 18447597_10212500350559890_2968827893779577973_n_zpsexax5sjc.jpg

I almost got admitted last Friday but since there was no room available they advised me not to. Besides, my condition is not that worst, I had a UTI that is the reason I chilled. My eldest daughter was with me the whole time she was the one who took good care of me while I was in the Emergency Room, yes I went to Emergency Room right away after my shift because I was worried about my blood pressure, but all is normal, it subside after I rested. When I was lying down at the ER, Mj was the one who bought me food, who feeds me, who asked the nurse of my condition, who made a follow up of the result and who bought me my medicine. I am so thankful that my eldest daughter, just arrived from school, took the full duty of being a nurse for me the whole day in the hospital and not only that she was even the one who took good care of me at home. When we arrived home, I went to the bedroom immediately and slept, Mj was the one monitoring my temperature every now and then, she got worried when my temperature went up to 38 again, she asked my sister Merlyn to cook dinner real fast so I can eat and I can take the antibiotic that was given to me for my UTI.

When I was done eating my dinner, she gave me my medicine right away and lay me down to rest. She keeps on putting a temperature and was relieved when my fever went down. My head is still heavy though but its manageable now unlike before. Mj was the one keeps on reminding me of my medicine and the  one who always asked me if I am okay. I am already okay and getting better now it is because of my daughter. It is good to have a daughter like my daughter who never left me during the times that I am not better.

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Good Communication

We all should desire the ability to be able to express ourselves with sensitivity, honesty, and clarity. This is not a naturally occurring skill for the most part. It takes work and practice to master the art of communication. However, there are some basic building blocks that makes the learning process much easier to achieve.

Why is Good Communication Important?

Good communication skills help you to build and keep strong relationships. Effective communication helps you to set limits for others and allows others to feel free enough to express themselves to you. Without effective communication, many situations are often misinterpreted through lack of communication or communication that isn’t clear. This is why relationships of all kinds greatly benefit from the practice of developing good communication skills.

Nonverbal Communication is Still Communication

Many people are under the false impression that communication is largely verbal. However, nothing could be further from the truth. What we convey to others is based significantly on how we behave even when we are not speaking. Avoiding eye contact, speaking softly or looking away convey a message even though there may not be a lot of speaking involved. This is why we must be mindful of the nonverbal cues that we send as well. Our goal should be to convey clear communication that is honest and doesn’t seek to be misleading or limiting.

Practice Makes Good Communication

The more you actually practice talking to people the better you get. You learn to pick up on social cues and you also learn to express yourself better. A good communicator knows how to balance a little anxiety with personal information and open-ended questions. Open-ended questions encourage people to be conversational by requiring more than simple yes or no answers. Open-ended questions draw people out and require them to be expressive in order to clearly answer a question. This form of communication also allows you to practice balance so that the conversation is a two-way street. You should neither talk too much nor too little. Balance is achieved when both parties are able to fully express themselves without the other person cutting them off. Remember, you don’t have to be vickie hoefer speaker to become a better conversationalist.

Communication is a skill that takes time and practice to get good at. Take a few simple tips and guidelines and put them into motion to start the process of developing better communication skills. Don’t overlook the power of nonverbal communication and pay attention to social cues. You’ll be on your way to more effective communication in no time.

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