Can’t Help But Sleep

It is summer so I let the kids went to bed late last night but don’t you worry it is just this week though, I just want them to feel the freedom at least one in summer. I didn’t realize though that even it is summer my kids still have to attend Kumon. Mj and Faith have the same schedule and since it is Monday, they need to go to Kumon a little bit early.

I woke Faith up immediately when I noticed the time, it is already 10 in the morning and they are still not up. We need to Kumon at 11 in the morning, I didn’t know what I did, but I rushed everything I asked Mj to take a bath right away, I planned to feed Faith while Mj is preparing but how can I feed her while she is still sleeping even in our dining table!

 photo 1452453_10202979507984776_251418914_n.jpg

Poor Faith I know she want to sleep more but she needs to prepare herself for her Kumon session. Since she can’t help but to close her eyes, I just decided to bathe her.

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Fighting With My Daughter

My niece downloaded the whole episodes of Harry Potter, we watched it since Friday and I was left hanging because I can’t finish it, I have to send my eldest daughter to the pool. Today, I was already in part 5 and it just started however, it was already 6 in the evening and I have to send her to the pool, I jokingly told her that we just skipped this training so we can finish the Harry Potter but she argues with me and that they have to do a dodge ball, so I told her there is no training then because they will just play. She started to bang the door, banged all the things she is holding. I know dry land can build their stamina strong but I want to watch the movie, yet yes I understand my daughter’s feeling but what I hated the most is the banging, I really don’t like it! I went inside the bedroom where she is and I scolded her of what she response, I mean she could have tell me that she wanted to go and I will give in, it is just a matter of talk not banging! Anyway, we went after we fought.

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It Is Summer Finally

It is officially summer because the kids do not have school anymore. Yesterday we went to the school of Mj for their recognition day. Yes she got a special award from her swimming, and she was tag as the Princess of the waves. She was very happy that she doesn’t summer class at all. Right after the recognition, Mj and I went to Red Cross office right away for us to enroll her but we found out that her swim mate was not listed yet, we decided to just wait for him to sign up so they can be classmate to being a Junior Life Guard. They still have to undergo swimming lesson before they can be a Junior Life Guard, because they have to evaluate their attitude and their determination to being a member to Junior Life Guard. I hope tomorrow they can be enrolled so they can start early next month.

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Consistent English Speaker

We didn’t have car today, so I and Faith have to take a Jeepney going to the school of Mj to fetch her. Mj went to the school early this morning for the practice for their recognition day. It was finished at 12 noon; the moving up day of Faith will start at 1 in the afternoon. And before going to the school we need to dropped by at the friend’s house to get my cake order but there is no one in there house when we went there, so we just proceeded to the school of Faith. My friend just sent my order to the school for the party of Faith. We were not allowed to go inside the classroom until the program was finish; we were just allowed to go inside during eating time. But before eating time, the kids were able to sing for the parents and here’s the video:

Faith was so proud to sing the song for us, and she was even calling my name to at least see her on their choral performance.

 photo 1920354_10202931533625447_1637207425_n.jpg

One thing also that made her so happy and so proud was when she showed me that she got a medal for consistent English speaker. She even wore it when we went to the mall to grocery shop.

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