Hatchimals Hatch it or Break it

Hatchimals may be good and funny in the outside, but this blog will blab about the bad stuff about it. Hi Faith again and today I’m saying the truth about HATCHIMALS! Yup I’m doing it today guys! OK one of the reasons you shouldn’t buy this toy. One of them is they drop the F-bomb on the owner they even swear in their sleep! Seriously who makes this toy! And development of the child’s brain and society needs to spend time with real people not with robots. And why do they say such a word in their sleep that is not appropriate for the kids! I mean seriously who freaking does that? If you don’t believe me watch it on you tube. Faith Out!

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Letting Your Imagination Flow

Hi I’m Faith. It’s sometimes a wonder how people make books. OK so about books, on my experience I think they are wonderful. Since I’m a kid I made an idea with my classmates to make  books and guess what they said YES! Starting now I finished 1 prologue and 4 chapters is that the end no it isn’t over yet! So let’s go over some tips of making books.

Beginning: You have to start writing. Wanna be classy? Use a prologue!

Middle: OK now since your in  chapter 1/chapter 2 get motivated! So you can stay on track.

Twist: Make a villain or a spy in disguise make something bad happen!

Ending: OK  you’ve done all the 3 parts of  the book now you can make an ending. If you want you can make a sequel!

So now you know how to make a book…..but you don’t know what you need!

1st of all you need a cover  you can either make it out of cardboard or ply wood!

2nd you need paper all, lot if you want to make a big book.

3rd something to keep it all together like a stapler or glue! Easier if you use stapler harder if you use glue.

OK know you got all you need….but 1 thing left. 1 thing left until its over. It is to become a writer!

Faith out!

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Her Idea

Faith tooth got extracted last Friday. It was her idea to have her damaged tooth removed. She said she can’t take a day to have it extracted. Before we went out to the dentist, I told her about what will happen when we are already there. I even told her that the injection for the anesthesia is a bit painful but that is for helping her to endure the pain of extraction. She seemed understand but then when she saw the injection she got a little freaked out. I have to explain again that if she would quit we will go to back step 1 and her damaged tooth will not be removed. I told her to just be there the whole time, she got calmed. And finally the dentist was able to pull off the damaged tooth. I thought Faith will get a little drowsy but then she got hyper after the tooth got extracted. The dentist hugged her tight for being so brave. She got an ice cream for a reward.

Memorizing Multiplication Table

Faith is memorizing multiplication table recently and we are so serious about it. The first 30 minutes everything is so smooth but later on, it gets harsh because she kept on forgetting, I already tried to help her but she kept on forgetting. The last time we had the Multiplication table memorize was from 2 to 7. I don’t want her to use her fingers to check for the answer, I want her to do it on her mind and that’s what we are practicing for a while now. But she can’t avoid it, she something doing it with her finger. But Faith even though she’s an ADHD, she listened. I always told her that what we are doing is for her own good. We continued and then right after we had a mock quiz. The real struggle starts there since I do it not in chronological order, she got lost again.

We went back to memorize what we stopped a while ago then went to mock quiz again. She is trying it hard and finally she was able to answer it all.

Her Dad knows the struggle; he recommended a game for Faith to answer. It is fun and innovative. We used it once and yeah Faith had fun, she does it easily because the answers are there, you’ll just have to drag it. We were doing it also after the mock quiz.

Yesterday, we were not able to do it because she only got her tooth extracted. Yeah our appointment was yesterday and I could be so much prouder because she was able to cope up her fear of having her damaged tooth extracted.

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