She Is One Of The Delegates

When Mj got home yesterday with the announcement that she passed the Batang Pinoy and she is one of the delegates to go to Pagadian. I did not believe it at first but her teammate messaged her on FB and said that she is one of the delegates for Batang Pinoy. I asked her to confirm it to her coach; later the mother of her teammate called me and told me when we are going to submit our requirements. And so it was confirmed.

Today, we went to DepEd to submit our papers but when we got there, they said that the DACS and Batang Pinoy have the same schedule. We asked if it can move but they said they can’t already and if in case the decision should be coming from DACS. Between the DACS and Batang Pinoy, Mj will choose the DACS to compete but if they will move the schedule of DACS of course she will join. This is one of a lifetime opportunity and she should not slip it away.


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Kadayawan Competition 2014

Last Saturday, the Kadayawan Swimming Competition was held in Ateneo Campus Matina. The competition was attended by at least 150 plus swimmers. When I learned about this, I was already doubting if Mj can take a place. This competition is also the qualifying base for Batang Pinoy, which it will be held in Zamboanga this year.

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She was not able to win a place however she break her time. I know it is not enough and she needs lots of training and concentration as well. I know she can do it the next swimming she will just have to be patient.

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When training is smooth and she will strive hard more, and less talking she can do it.

 photo IMG_0342_zpsc4c7a0ad.jpg

Here’s Mj smiling at us.

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When We Are Not Busy

My eldest daughter wanted to have a new guitar, the sounds of her latest guitar got a little busted when Faith accidentally drop it. We don’t have time to go to the mall to look for a new guitar for her because of her training. And so I just made a canvass online I found this site that has Free Shipping service. I let Mj saw the guitar and yet she can’t decide, she is thinking so many things nowadays because of her competition plus her school and Kumon. So maybe when we can just sit and talk and do nothing, we might look at it again and maybe she would pick a guitar this time.

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Better Luck Next Time

Geez, I am so tired tonight, Mj and I woke up early for her competition. Good thing we were not late since we woke up passed 5 a.m., already. When we arrived at the venue, the swimmers and parents were still outside to wait for the go signal for the kids to go to the swimming pool for warm up. I went out for a moment to buy Mj her drinks; I also need to get the money that my husband wired me today. When I went back to the venue, they already started their warm up. Faith will follow at lunch with my niece Mariel, they attended the therapy today. Mj was able to break her time but not enough to win a place. Sigh! She needs to concentrate more on her training, I know she did her best but I can’t help to take a deep breath when she was not able to win at least in the third place. I need to get the result from our coach her latest time today and the time also of the other swimmers, she needs to take them as her base when she is on training. Oh well better luck next time.

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