The Top 5 Most Expensive Golf Clubs Currently Manufactured

It’s no secret that golf is an expensive sport. Greens fees can run into the hundreds, and renting a cart is more expensive now than ever. If you’ve ever complained about just how expensive these things can be, then just wait until you get a look at some of the wildest sets of golf clubs in the world. Nothing is more important than having a good quality club, so maybe it makes sense that some people aren’t afraid to lay down the cash when it comes to what goes in their bag.

1) Honma is a Japanese firm that currently makes the most expensive set of golf clubs in production, which they market under the Five Stars brand. A custom 14-piece set will cost upwards of $32,000.

Some reports have suggested that Jack Nicholson and Danny DeVito both own a set of Five Stars. They’re still better known in their native Japan than in the USA, but the company might be able to attract some affluent Americans in the coming years.

2) Parsons Xtreme Golf makes some of the most expensive golf clubs that are currently on the market. While you might not find links to it on Bob Parsons Godaddy page, the founder of Godaddy actually does run the company.

A full 14-club set from Xtreme Golf can cost around $5,000. Even a single driver will cost $700. Nevertheless, they’re some of the finest in the industry. They can help provide a little forgiveness for miss-hit shots and have one of the best centers of gravity around. Some might say that these clubs are truly worth the price.

While they might feel delicate, one of these sets will hold up to a lot of golfing. That should make them popular with those who are very serious about taking their game to the next level. While Honma might have made a business out of making golf clubs that look good, it seems like Parsons Xtreme Golf has focused completely on performance.

3) Barth & Sons reportedly makes the most expensive single club in the world. The GoldenPutter is custom made in Germany, and each individual putter comes complete with a coating of 24 carat gold on the shaft. The club comes in a case made from genuine cherry wood. Buyers can have their name engraved on a golden plate placed along the putter’s inlay.

4) The First Lady Special Edition is another example of just how expensive a single club can be. It also boasts a gold shaft, but also features a completely pink leather grip. The head features a number of inlayed crystals, which brings the price up to somewhere around $3,000.

A few individuals have reportedly requested that the head be encrusted with diamonds, which brings the price to somewhere within the $150,000 range.

5) Adams Golf is a manufacturer of clubs with headquarters in Plano Texas. Their Tight Lies line of irons can run a golfer a bill of around $8,500. These clubs take after Parsons Xtreme Golf more than Barth & Sons, however. They’re designed to be extremely light and the high cost comes from the high cost of research that went into developing the irons.

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If She Pretends That She Don’t Hear You

Don’t ignore this kind of behavior because if you do, she would think that it is okay to ignore you when you are asking her to do something. Just like if you call her to fix her toys; if she would ignore you at all, do not let this pass by. You need to correct your child.

Do not call her from the other bedroom just to get her attention, instead go to her closely, have an eye to eye contact with her. And tell her of the task and she should answer you “Okay, Mommy”. Give her a pat on the shoulder, calling her name and turning off the TV can help her focus on her task. Make an arrangement to her, that if she will not listen right away, you will have to give her consequence like she can only watch one episode of her favorite program instead of two and if she won’t listen at all, then tell her that she should not watching TV in a day.

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For The Safety Of Your Kids And Home

You love your family dearly and you do not want anything bad to happen to them. Therefore, you need to take extra precautions to make sure that your home is as safe as it can possibly be. You may live in a neighborhood with a low crime rate that you believe to be safe. However, burglaries and home invasions often happen in affluent neighborhoods because the criminals know the people who live there have more valuable possessions they can steal. Here are a few easy ways to make your home safer.

1. Install additional exterior lighting

This is one of the easiest ways to send the bad guys running the other way. The best way to stop burglaries is to prevent them from happening in the first place. Not surprisingly, burglars do not like to be seen when they are doing their nefarious deeds. They prefer a dark home where no light is exposing them to neighbors or any people who might be driving or walking by. If you surround your home with a large amount of exterior lighting, a burglar would have to be crazy to try to break into your home. When there are other homes without as much light as yours, a burglar will always go for the easier target.

2. Install security system monitoring

Installing a security system is a great decision on your part. However, you need more than the system by itself for your home to be totally secure. You need to subscribe to an alarm monitoring service. This is a central station that will notify your local police, fire department or EMS. The department that is summoned will depend on what the emergency is at your home. If a fire breaks out at your home, an alarm monitoring service will contact your local fire department for you. With any luck, they will arrive before any serious damage is done to your home. Alarm Relay monitors security systems. You can read about this company by taking a look at

3. Install security cameras

While a security alarm will alert the authorities to problems at your house, it is good to be able to see what those problems are with your own eyes. Security cameras will enable you to stay apprised of everything happening at your home. You can install cameras on both the interior and exterior of your home. You can also use these cameras to keep an eye on your kids.

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Exam Week For My Eldest Daughter

If last week, it was Faith exam week, now the home is having no TV again policy because Mj have to study religiously to cover up her grades from last grading. Yes, I just don’t bother her at all to wash the dishes so she can concentrate. So even though she’s at home, I still can’t sleep early because I still have to take care of Faith before I go to sleep.

This week, again she did not attend her training. I know she has lots of skip ever since the school started but what can we do? Our schedule is just so hectic that nowadays I could not even send her during my day off’s. I know she understand it but how long can she sacrificed going to the pool alone.

The worries that I have as well when Mj is still out at night could not be bought by money. It is just so scary having the thought that 11:30 at night she is still out in the house. I just contented myself that GOD will never forsake her while she’s traveling home. Faith that’s the only thing that I can hold onto that she is safe until she arrives home.

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