Building Baby Skills, Avoiding To Become Clumsy

If some kids can pedal a bicycle or can kick a ball like a little old lady some kids just can’t. But studies says that it is not also good to call them clumsy, if we would easily label them as that we would be conscious and we would steer them away from physical play. If the kids tends to be aware that they are clumsy than of their friends they would be less likely to join them play, but of course there are just kids have issues with balance, they are known as developmental coordination disorder. They are the one who needs our help and assistance. You can build baby skills by having more tummy time while awake. This is also the way to interact with their parent to achieve motor milestones. You can do this as as your baby’s first week home; give your babies a minute or two of tummy time on a parent’s belly. Just make sure that the baby does not have any reflux issues.

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Effective Birth Control Is Breast Feeding

Yes, it is true. It is not only best for babies but the parents can also get something beneficial for them and that is a free birth control. This is how it explains, when the mother do the breast feeding it changes the rate of release of the normal hormones so that would stop the ovulation. Yes the mother is protected as long as she does the breast feeding your baby exclusively. Your period does not yet return and your baby is less than 6 months old. Even though it is effective, we still want to be sure of especially when after 6 months, it is advantage to also take birth control pills while breast feeding beyond six months.

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Reading Overload

I am so pity of Faith when she goes to Kumon because she can’t borrow a book. It is not that the Kumon management does not want her to borrow a book but it is because we were not able to return the book that she borrowed weeks ago. I will be sure that we will bring the book once we go to Kumon on Wednesday. So since Faith could not borrow any book yet, she was able to find the Geronimo Series of her sister. She got busy reading with it, even she do something else she would really insist of reading even during bedtime.

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I told Faith to sleep right away since it is getting late. But right after I was done with brushing my teeth, I found her still reading.

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One Week of a Serious Review

Just this week, my kids and I had a serious review with their lessons as this week was their periodical exam for 2nd quarter. Mj is reviewing her lessons on her own; she does not have a tutor anymore to guide her. I mean she asked me not to hire again another tutor for her; she said she can handle it already and besides she is old enough, she promised me to be really serious this time.

So I concentrated with my youngest daughter, their first day of exam was just this Wednesday; the covered for this exam is really long for Math. But thank God that she was able understand it easily. Unlike the Filipino, she was even crying while studying because she said it is very hard and very tricky. English on the other hand was easy peasy, we were able to finish the review early. Yesterday was their last day for this sem. And yes finally we have a semestral break for one week, Faith and Mj will go back to their respective school on November 04, 2014 to make way of the All Saint’s and All Soul’s Day.

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