Foods In The Table Is What Matters Most

If you had been following my blog, you should already know that we had been having a problem with financial status. Even my eldest daughter is aware of that, she even told me that it is okay not to have gifts this Christmas as long as we have foods in our table. It crushed my heart, at a very young age my daughter understood our situation. Even though I am not sure if we could buy gifts for them this Christmas, I still asked her what does she wants for a gift this holiday season and she answered a new guitar and fender mustang mini amp, but she took it back, she said I don’t have to worry about getting them a gift, if we can’t afford it. Foods in the table is what everyone wants this Christmas, she even assured me that her cousins would understand if I can’t give them anything.

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Schedule Of My Youngest Today

Saturday, if most of the Mom find Saturday a relaxing day, not for me at all. Because when the clock strikes at 10:45 in the morning I have to drive Faith to her therapy. Her therapy is from 11 in the morning to 12 noon. After their dismissal the teacher would tell me the updates of Faith inside the classroom, so far she improves a lot. After her therapy, I tagged Faith to the mall, to eat lunch. We had a heavy breakfast so we opt to have waffle in Belgian and Ice tea too, Faith had a Blue Berry flavor of waffle and I had the cheddar cheese. Right after having fun in the Belgian Waffle shop, I sent her to Zoofari right away, she had fun with other kids for one hour while I had my grocery shopping. After grocery shopping, I went up again to fetch Faith from Zoofari so I can send her to her Kumon. And nope it didn’t end in Kumon, after sending Faith home, I have to send Mj to her training at 6:3o in the evening.

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Clues To Deliver Your Baby Early

Being a preemie can bring you high risk that would result to complications to early delivery. So it is important to visit your Ob-gyn every monthly to be aware of some red flags. When I was pregnant, my Ob-gyne really advised me to cut down drinking soft drinks, oh well drinking soda is my dose for me not to fall asleep at work. Studies says that women who would sip more than one in a day have a big chance of a preterm birth, but just relax, make the changes one at a time. Give a space of giving birth, 18 months rule must be followed to give your body to heal as being pregnant is not that easy at all. You also have to watch your weight and sugar intake to have a healthy pregnancy.

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Free Reading

We passed by at National Bookstore after I deposited the partial payment to the owner of this house. Faith then dragged me to the shelves where her favorite books displayed. She asked me if I could buy her the Doc McStuffins but when I checked the amount, it would ruin my budget on that day. Faith sat down on the floor not to whine but suggested that she could read the whole book there for free.

 photo 10646916_10204266636082174_5594088567258403104_n_zps8d7ba1be.jpg

I waited for her to finish her book, good thing she can read fast, she is just amazed with the book because it is with cute little toys. There is one book though that is just light to the pocket.

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