DIY Cornhole Board Customization

Cornhole boards are a classic form of entertainment for family game night during the long summer evenings. Cornhole is simple, fun, and it can be manipulated into fun new games with new objectives. For those who have taken the time to build cornhole boards, or for those who bought boards that are unfinished, the customization process is a fun DIY project for the whole family.

Simple and Elegant
For a simplistic approach to finishing cornhole boards, one might decided to finish the boards in their stain of choice. This seals and protects the wood, making the boards appropriate for any and all events. Staining may require more than two coats, especially if the individual wants a darker or more vibrant appearance.

Lighting for Night Use
Since cornhole games may continue well into the dark hours, it is only natural to consider adding lights to the cornhole boards. Cornhole lights are applied around the edge of the target hole, allowing players to make accurate shots. Lights come in a variety of colors making it possible to match the color of the lights with the board’s theme.

Stickers and Decals
Stickers and decals are an easy to use option for board customization, especially if the owner believes he or she might not have the time or talent for hand decorating. Some of the more popular decals may depict sporting events or teams, designating the cornhole boards for game days. Other stickers could be used, such as metallic or glow in the dark stickers. Kids could even decorate the boards, making them a treasured family possession.

Painting a Masterpiece
For those who are artistic, the boards themselves could become a piece of artwork. Elaborate scenes, characters, or designs could be painted onto the boards. After the art has had time to dry, a clear coat should be applied to protect the paint. The top coat serves to protect the wood as well, reducing the risk of fading from sunlight or wood rot from moisture. Even with this coat, cornhole boards should be kept out of the elements.

Instead of spending a lot of money on finished, ready to buy cornhole boards, families should try the DIY route. It’s cheaper to build and customize them, and it’s a lot of fun! If appearances are not a concern, children could go crazy decorating them while parents take a much deserved break on the patio.

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Summer Fun For The Kids

Before you will hear your kids “Mom, I’m bored” which I always heard about Faith when she is not allowed to use the gadgets. Think of some activities that they can be enjoy for.

Dancing may not their thing but you can start downloading some live, happy music that they will love in the end of the day. Try to dance with the tune and I am sure they will join you in no time.

Help your little kids meet new people. You might want to bring them in the park or day care to meet new friends. Geez this is the thing that I lack doing of Faith, because when I got home after I do all the house chores, I will sleep right away to prepare myself for work later. I will have to promise myself to bring her to something fun. I am thinking Zoofari or Discovery Fun in the mall.

Do the jump rope, this activity could be fun for everyone in the family. It can lose weight too! It is the simplest toys but can provide so much fun in the family.

These are just a few of fun things to do in Summer with your kids. I’d say explore more, you can find it in every corner in your house.

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She Will Be Back In Kumon

And so I was able to finish my mission of enrolling Mj to her music summer class. My next mission was to convince her to go back in Kumon. At first she doesn’t like the idea of going back to Kumon but I let her realized that she needs it if she really want to pursue Engineering course. Yes that is the one she would like to take up in college. Moving forward, yes I was able to convince her and just last Saturday she was able to take an exam. I thought she will finish early but nope it’s not. Faith was the one who finish first so I let her play some games while waiting for Mj.

When Mj went out from Kumon, I asked her right away about the exam. She said that the first set was wrong so they have to change it, the reason why she needs to do another set again. She told me she will start in level C but she thinks she could finish it right away. In no time, she will be in level I. Oh well, my hopes are high.

Geez, I have so many things to prioritize this month, not to mention that I still have to enroll them both. Plus I need to have my laptop repair.

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The Music And My Eldest

Mj just started with her drum lesson. Good thing that they only require a pair of drum sticks only if not I guess I could not let her enroll because the drum set is just too much expensive. The moment I bought her the pair of drum stick she could not be happier, she can’t believe that finally, I let her enroll and learn something that she has been asking for so long now. If before she was dying to learn how to play guitar, now she is very hyper with what she learns whenever she arrived from her class, tomorrow I don’t know what else she would like to learn, I hope something that I can afford too.

 photo 13051677_10208814199368414_927790276810150608_n.jpg

This picture was taken when we bought the drum sticks. We were on our way home that suddenly the kids got hungry and since we were able to pass by at 7/11, the kids pointed the store for us to grab something to bite.

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