Taking Advantage Of A Deal

I have mentioned before that our eldest daughter is progressing very nicely with the guitar.  She is becoming a skilled guitarist.  She has recently expressed and interest in learning to play the drums.  This past summer she started taking lessons.  We were thinking of taking advantage of a musiciansfriend stupid deal and getting her a practice drum set pad set.  Hopefully this will let us practice, save us the expense of buying a full set of drums (if she decides to not continue) and save our eardrums when she practices.  We hope she is successful in her music endeavors and want to help her in any way we can to help her improve her music skills.

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She Is One Of The Awardee

It was on Monday, we were so indulged on watching the Ms. Universe at home when I received a text message from my friend at school, saying that Faith is one of the awardee. I didn’t expect that she will be one of the honors at school, it has been two consecutive periodical that Faith wasn’t able to receive anything so I didn’t expect already that she will receive one this time.

I was not able to attend to her recognition at school, I was too late already and as usual Faith complaints about it that I don’t have time for her already. But good thing Faith is very understanding when I explained to her everything, she kept quiet and went on with her regular activities. I promised next time, I will be there.

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Too Different

My two kids are too different with each other. My eldest loves to play music instrument, but my youngest loves to sing. My eldest daughter loves Math, my youngest daughter loves Science. My eldest doesn’t like to read, my youngest daughter loves to read. They differ but surely they always brought melody in my heart.

Faith declamation is approaching; she and her teacher are practicing so hard. Mj too have MTAP training and they will do the exam on February 16, 2017 plus they have this recital on February 25 in SM Annex. She wanted to buy a new guitar that even we only roamed around the mall she would always check some guitar on the display. To be honest, I really want to buy one for her, without her knowing I would always check some band and orchestra store at Guitar Center, their instrument is very much affordable that I almost break my promise to budget everything since I have plans to put roof on our garage. On the other hand, I was able to hold my grip, thank GOD but I am sure I will buy a new guitar for her if we can see some changes in her.


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Busy Kiddos At School

My two kids are too busy at school nowadays.

My eldest daughter is one of the dancers at school and they were practicing really hard since they are going to perform it in NCCC Mall next month for their recital. And right after their dance practice, she would go to the other room to practice for their school band; she is the lead guitar so she needs to practice especially when she will be given a chance to have some time to strum the guitar in solo. Next week she will also be in training for MTAP, she is one of the representatives for the incoming Math Inter-school Competition.

My youngest daughter is also busy nowadays. It has been like two Saturdays already that she needs to go to school for her declamation practice. The declamation contest will be on February 7 in Colegio De San Ignacio and I am sure to watch it since I already filed a leave to watch her.


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