Busy Grocery Shopping With The Kids

Last Monday as also the kids Kumon, I dragged them to the mall to buy some ingredients for our Noche Buena this New Year. I also have to pay our monthly payment for our house in Pag Ibig. Right after running my errands, I dragged them to grocery store. Unlike before that I have to get a big cart so Faith can ride on it and that she won’t bother us, I could no longer do that aside from Faith is too big already for a cart, she would always follow me already. Not like before that she will just walk wherever she wants, now she will always keep an eye on us because she knows already that she will get lost if she will just roam around.

On the other hand, even though there are already many shoppers going around the grocery store, we still find some time to have fun. After that I treat the kids to eat in KFC, Faith and I shared meal because I know she could not finish the whole meal.

It was a busy day because after we had our meal, we have to go to Arirang to buy some Korean ingredients. Mariel will be the chef tonight, I just could not forget this year ever because this year we strive so hard to live and we survived. I thank the LORD for always guiding me.

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Christmas Party Of My Youngest In One Day

December 19th is Faith’s Christmas Party in Kaakbay and in Kumon, I was right to bring her two dresses because right after Kaakbay she was so messy already.

At Kaakbay, she was able to dance with her classmate and eat some foods, although not much because she was already playing with some kids there. The Christmas Party was ended at 12 in the afternoon. So we have time to go to the mall to buy a cake and a Christmas gift for her Christmas party. I thought though that the school Christmas party will start at 1:00 pm yet but I was wrong because when we arrived, they already started. I was wondering at first why was the school so quiet, lol it is because all the students already gathered inside the room and they are all just waiting for Faith to arrive.

 photo IMG_0289_zps12e8dea2.jpg

Faith in Kaakbay, dancing

 photo IMG_0295_zpsbb6dd3e9.jpg

Faith tried so hard to make it right this time.

 photo IMG_0307_zpsdc5cede9.jpg

Faith in the school, opening her gifts from her classmate

 photo IMG_0308_zps40a85f95.jpg

Got so excited.

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Busy Kid’o In The Bedroom

We just stayed home today, the weather is so gloomy and we are just too lazy to move around. So today, the kids especially Faith, she is just in the bedroom watching her favorite cartoon in her DVD player. She thought she lost her DVD player but nope I just hid it in the closet so she can’t use it during school days. I just pull it up from our closet just this week so she has something to watch. Because all the gadgets in the house is fully occupied, oh well it is school break so expect that the laptop, TV and tablet is fully occupied so Faith does not have anything she can enjoy for this school break I guess it was just time for me to give her the player after a long long time in the closet.

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Merry Christmas! Few Foods On Our Table

Counting hours and its Christmas time once again. I wanted to fill some gifts under our Christmas tree but it was not realized. Oh well, as Mj said it doesn’t matter if we have gifts or not this coming Christmas, the most important is we have foods on our table. However I will try to give them something at least after the New Year since I could not give them anything after the Christmas. My niece is busy right now preparing for her recipe, she cooked Bonchon Chicken and Carbonara, and I was the one who grilled the fish, steamed the Hamon and made the fruit salad. Merry Christmas everyone!

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