A Recognition For This Two, Congratulations My Beautiful Daughters

Faith made it, as I mentioned on my previous post. She was able to make it to 2nd place during the Spelling Bee just this month in school. She woke me up with great news when they arrived home. During their recognition, she asked me a favor to be there to witness her getting the medal. At first, I asked her if I’ll just let her teacher do the pictures but she said that it is important for her, for me to be there. Faith asked favor, I mean with serious rarely, so even I don’t have sleep that time, I dragged myself, drank a cup of coffee so I will be awake the whole time I was there. She was so happy when she saw me, feeling so proud of her achievement.

She was embarrassed at first because she thought she doesn’t have an award and she was already at the stage. She run towards her teacher and hugged her. I told her to climb the stage again because her Principal is already waiting for her. She went back and had a wide smile when she received the certificate and the medal.

This is the time when finally she was able to hold her certificate

Faith was just a substitute for the Spelling Bee,  she was the 2nd choice and yet she made it. Congrats my little Faith!

I was sleeping at that time when my cellphone rang, I didn’t hear it. I didn’t know that Mj tried so hard to reach me out so she can get her report card. She needs a text message from me that she can get her report card because she knows that I will not able to make it to her school because I was sleeping during day time. She text her cousin who was at work that time to confirm she had our approval. My niece sent her a message that she can get it. When she already has her report card on hand, she took a picture of it and said “Just a little bit more Mom and I will be one of the honors”. I usually don’t ask for anything more, what I am asking from them is to do good at school, no line of 7 for their grades and I will be more than happy. But Mj went beyond my expectation especially with her major subject; seeing her report card brought me tears I am so proud of her.

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Their Awards Are My Jewel

There is no things that can surpass of these gifts during my kids Moving Up day, I was surprised when I found out that Faith was able to get an academic award, she received a silver medal for that. When I arrived at the venue, I saw Faith smiling so wide, grinning while looking at me. Her eyes are saying something, something that I and she will be proud of and I know exactly what it is.

My eldest daughter Moving Up day is scheduled in the afternoon. Mj was able to get a special award from her swimming. I can’t be happier seeing these awards on our wall, wish to have a wall full of their awards.

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She Is Qualified For DCAA Inter-School Competition

As what I have mentioned before with my other blog, Mj got only less than three weeks of training, two weeks to be exact. She doesn’t want to go back to swimming but when her Principal asked her to do it, she can’t decide easily she want to say no but later on her principal was able to convinced her.

When she decided, of course I can’t just let her join the competition without training. So last month, I decided to have her back on training but we did not go back to our previous coach. Her school has a swimming instruction, and we decided to take him instead. He is not really a competitive coach, he teaches only swimming but he does well. He was able to let Mj concentrate with her training and there are times too that they do some exercise for her breathing.

Less than three weeks, I already told their Principal not to expect much because to get the strength back with just two weeks of training will not be enough.

But knowing Mj, she has the drive to compete. Even it is hard when she determined to do it she can especially with the support that she got from her Principal, classmates and teachers. It was overwhelming.

She got too nervous.

When I called her during the competition, her voice was so low I know that she is freaking nervous so I told her to just enjoy and have fun.

When I arrived, her teacher then told that she was able to qualify. They are so proud of Mj’s performance. She was not able to hit the first place but she did it. She was rank 3rd and definitely she got it.

Congratulations Mj, I am so proud of you!


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