Birthday Greetings For Our Dear Friend

I guess I already mentioned it here that we attended a birthday party last Saturday. My friend who happens to be the mother of the celebrant is my friend when Mj was still in a swim team. I didn’t expect though that they would still invite us and to be part of this memorable celebration of her daughter who celebrated her 16th birthday party last Saturday.

The theme was Coachella and I didn’t know a thing about the theme. So I just let Mj decides what to wear on that day besides she was the only one who have a participation in the party. Yes she was one of the treasures.

We decided to buy the celebrant a bag; it was a denim bag actually. Mj need to speech but she just said “I hope you would remember with this bag”. I tried to help her with her speech but she said she can do it. Good job Mj!

On the other hand, Aleks happy 16th birthday. I know you’re  a good daughter to your parents just continue being one. Enjoy being young, which means to say study first, reach goal and everything will follow.

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A Simple Celebration On Her Birthday

My youngest daughter birthday was celebrated last month, it was just so simple and I only invited a few since our foods are only for like 20 people and even less. I just invited my friend Analee and her family and my friends in the team, my family too is there to celebrate the birthday of Faith with us. My brother-in-law was the one who cooked dinner for all of us.

Faith was so happy already with the small celebration that we had and she loved the cake that I bought for her. She was so contented on it since she was the one who picked the design from google. She told me though that next time, she will love to have a pumpkin cake. LOL and that she like her guests to wear Halloween costume. Yeah, she knows her birthday is the love month and did not fall in Halloween but she said oh well she loves to have ghosts and monsters on her birthday, what can you do? It’s her birthday anyway. LOL.

Oh I almost forgot she wants a parade too waaaaaaaaahhh

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We Miss The Fun

Last Sunday, we were invited for a birthday party but I choose not to come because we were saving our funds for our upcoming trip in Pagadian. Yes, I decided to go with my eldest daughter. Right now I am preparing for our expenses, the funds that I would left here with Mariel and Faith and our expenses for our trip. Not to mention, that we also have to pay for our monthly payment at home. The owner is already agitating with the payment, and keeps on bugging us to pay them. On the other hand, Mj was a bit sad because she was not able to come to the beach party. It was an overnight party, and as we could see it in the picture, they had lots of fun! They had camp fire, they grilled smores and they were able to put up a tent for them to sleep. If we were there, we might  brought our tent and shared it with them.

The team also had story telling with the kids, they were able to post some pictures, which made Mj more sad and wishes that she is not that busy. We don’t have to spend when we go there but I am just shy not to contribute. The most exciting was the fireworks, I am sure if we were there Faith will be amazed and both of them will have fun. We surely missed the fun, and I hope there is still next time.

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Happy 18th Birthday Mariel!

I just would like to grab this chance to greet my niece Mariel a happy 18th birthday. I have promised her to buy her a new phone on her birthday but my night off falls on Thursday and that’s tomorrow yet. So my husband and I went to the mall quickly to buy her a cake in Red Ribbon. Since I am working, and Faith was with us, we went back home immediately so I can sleep before I will head to work. Sister Lilian, Mariel’s mom called her on the phone and greet her happy birthday, she asked how was her birthday but Mariel it seems it is just an ordinary day. I mean, I want to make it special but with the hectic schedule I have, I have to set aside the celebration so I can concentrate on my work otherwise I would come up to a decision to just quit.

Mariel my niece, happy happy birthday, so even we don’t have many foods in our table and we did not celebrate your special day, tomorrow you will be able to celebrate it with  your new phone. Just don’t tell them that I am the one who buy it for you. I don’t want to have some issues on the way, so this gift would be just for the two of us. Okay?

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