Birthday Greetings For Our Dear Friend

I guess I already mentioned it here that we attended a birthday party last Saturday. My friend who happens to be the mother of the celebrant is my friend when Mj was still in a swim team. I didn’t expect though that they would still invite us and to be part of this memorable celebration of her daughter who celebrated her 16th birthday party last Saturday.

The theme was Coachella and I didn’t know a thing about the theme. So I just let Mj decides what to wear on that day besides she was the only one who have a participation in the party. Yes she was one of the treasures.

We decided to buy the celebrant a bag; it was a denim bag actually. Mj need to speech but she just said “I hope you would remember with this bag”. I tried to help her with her speech but she said she can do it. Good job Mj!

On the other hand, Aleks happy 16th birthday. I know you’re  a good daughter to your parents just continue being one. Enjoy being young, which means to say study first, reach goal and everything will follow.

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Postponed Birthday Celebration

It was my eldest birthday last January 27 but since my payroll is on Friday. I have postponed the celebration yesterday. Mj is a very understanding kid, when I said that I have to postpone the celebration, she told me right away that she will just inform her classmates that the simple party will be move on Friday.

But during her birthday last Wednesday since I still have little extra I was able to buy a half loaf style of Cake in the bakery nearby. When I arrived home, my sister then told me that she will buy burgers and sundae float in Jollibee just for Mj to feel that it is indeed her birthday that day. My sister also bought 1 whole garlic chicken in a carinderia nearby. When the delivery from Jollibee arrived, I finished my share right away so I can get enough sleep for work. Mj was just simply enjoying her share of burger that we forgot the garlic chicken. When I woke up at 12 midnight to get ready for work, the whole garlic chicken is still there waiting for someone who gets interested of picking them up. But no one did until the next day.

I was not able to bond my kid on her special day, but I made sure that we will get enough on Friday.

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The Day Before Her Birthday

I didn’t plan for any birthday party for Mj this time. I just want it to be simple but it turn out something extra special when I invited her friends Arisa and Yuna at the Apo View Hotel Pool. I also invited my friends Cheryl and Joyce. In the lobby of the hotel I saw two male celebrities I was surprise and was star struck I couldn’t even move to get my camera. On the other hand they went out in the hotel without taking them a picture. When my friends arrived I told them those 2 males celebrity from Manila is in the hotel. So instead of going out to eat outside after the pool, we decided to stay and eat at the Entree Restaurant inside the hotel. And later we saw Jake Cuenca and Slater Young again eating in the restaurant. We were mesmerized; the kids were jumping and approached the two guys immediately to have a picture with them. But hold it because I won’t be going to show you some pictures of them with my kids, I’ll be posting the pictures in my other blog but I’ll be posting here the pictures when Mj had fun with her two best friends.

 photo HPIM0115_zps6aa7cc83.jpg

This is Mj and her two friends, they’d been friends for a long time now. When they stopped swimming, they thought they could not see each other again but of course the Moms will try hard to  have these friends meet one more time. When I invited them they were so happy and of course my daughter as well.

 photo HPIM0132_zpsd268322e.jpg

I hope this friendship would bloom until forever. Arisa and Yuna thank you very much for the friendship you shared with your Ate Mj. All the best for the three of you.

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