The Friends you Make As Part Of A Team Might Just Be Your Friends For Life

Mj has been like swimming since 4th grade, I am sure to those who read my blogs, they know that she stopped for one year and she just got back now. But I am so amazed to see that her friends from before still see her as a friend. When we joined the competition the first week of this month, her friends that she met before still smiled at her and talked to her.

I just read this from a sporty girl said in a magazine “The friends you make as part of a team might just be your friends for life.” It is true even though the parents are having issues yet the kids would never mind it at all. They swim their best in the pool to win or to break their time but outside the pool or when they are relaxing whatsoever, they were giggling, laughing and talking. You will never notice that they are in a different now because of the friendship that they built some time ago, it is rooted and founded by the memories that they have shared when they were still team mates.

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Overwhelmed and Tired

I am still overwhelmed and tired right now, I still can’t think of anything to post some of my blogs are not updated, but I will be back I promised. It is just overly hectic this past few days from doing the paper works for our competition down to the day that our competition was held. I tell you, the moment I entered the gate of Woodridge, I got nervous but then when I was already at the officiating table, the nervous was gone but it was replaced by excitement. I know then that the competition will turn out good.

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Summer For My Kids

I am here trying to write, but there are really times that even we wanted to write fast, our head does not cooperate. Imagine? I am here for 2 hours already and I am typing then deleting and typing again and deleting.,

Anyway, summer is fast approaching, I am not sure if Faith ,could continue her swimming lesson this year as she needs to enroll in summer class. We will transfer her to other school, this time it would be a real school, like many classrooms, huge playground, a space to where she can run and play. She would spent a total of 10 days for her summer class at school and if she still likes it and if we can still afford it, we would continue her for swimming lesson. I know she adores water so much like her sister.,

Mj, on the other hand will be competing next month for DAVRAA. Three of them from this club would represent Davao, I know Mj was a bit upset with her performance in CDO, although she is still belong in top 16 and that she could still join the competition in Manila, she believes she still have more to improve and that she would work hard for it. She said last week that her training was rigid these days, they have to finished 12 lapse and an additional 1,500 meters if they are late or absent. She complained but I said if she wants to reach her goal and want to be successful with this sport, she needs to do her training appropriately and she must follow what their coach is telling them to do.,

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1st Davao Sea Lions Championship Cup

The Davao Sea Lions Swim Club  will hold a swimming competition this month. Everyone is so ecstatic to make this first competition successful, we are already preparing for the event and I am thankful that everything seems okay. My husband also supported the club, he has sent a certain amount for the medals or other expenses that we will incur on its way. Even though there are many trials that we encountered while we work for this event to realized, I am still so proud because we are still intact with our vision and that is to inspire the youth to engage in the sport and not only that but also serve as a catalyst in rejuvenating the dying sport of swimming in Davao City, Philippines. Go! Go! Davao Sea Lions!


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