Faith Got Sick!

It was last Wednesday that she complained of having a toothache the moment she went out from Kumon. I bought Paracetamol for preparation but then the toothache was already gone yet she still has a fever. Sister Merlyn noticed she is having runny nose, so we sent her to her Pedia, she was prescribed of some medicine yet her fever is still on and off. I sent her back to her Pedia on Tuesday, we were required to have a laboratory test and after an hour, we handed the result to her Doctor. He informed me then that Faith is having a UTI infection. That could be the reason why her fever did not go away. Right after she took her anti-biotic, she gained her strength and the fever was slowly gone.

Faith got sick for almost a week and I was so worried. I’m afraid it could be something else that is more dangerous. And good thing it was not, it was still an infection I know but at least we don’t have to send her to the hospital for admission. When I found out that Faith got a UTI infection, I tried to recall what could have been the cause, the only thing I had in mind was the junk foods when we were celebrating our Fiesta. Thus, I told her not to eat any chips at all, she answered me back right away “Mom who bought the chips again?” I realized it was me, so I guess no buying at all, lol.


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My Back Up

My eldest daughter is very much into jogging, we agreed to jog today but when I woke her up, Faith woke up too and told her to stay because she have no one to cling to on the bed. So I went out alone and besides we will have our annual checkup that I need to go after I jog so I am sure that Mj will get bored only to find out I still need her to go to the office because I forgot my ID. Good thing, I left some money at home, supposedly for sister Merlyn and an E-Load and she can give me the rest however it turns out to be her fare since she needs to go to the office in a taxi because if not, I may not going to finish the check up right away. I don’t want to go back there, going to every room for some check up. Mj is indeed my savior in times I need a back up.

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I Hope She Will Gain Weight Now

Faith is very skinny; I am getting worried because whatever we feed her with foods, she just doesn’t gain weight. It started when we changed her vitamins to fish oil. Her behavioral consultant recommended us the fish oil; she said it will help her to at least minimize her being so hyperactive. I didn’t realize it will affect her weight. She is healthy though but it would nice seeing her being chubby just like before.

My friend at work recommended me to change it or add vitamins. She will still take fish oil, and she recommended me to buy Appebon with food stimulant, I bought one the other day, I didn’t know that this kind of vitamins is a bit expensive than the one that we had. On the other hand I still bought it, I thought Faith won’t like the taste but I was surprised because she loves it and she’s asking for more.


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Checking Her Height

My youngest daughter is always looking forward to be tall as her sister. So she keeps on monitoring her height. She even told me that she is almost taller than me. My eldest daughter is already taller than I could ever imagine. So one day when I installed this shoe rack I bought from Lazada, Faith tried to check her height there.

 photo IMG_0155.jpg

I know sooner or later she will be taller than me, and I can’t help to wait for that day. My kids are teasing me that I am short but I think it is normal I mean look at some mothers today mostly they are shorter than their kids, it is maybe because we have given them enough vitamins, more nutrients, more healthy foods so their height will be impressive, at least they were able to reach what I just dreamed before.

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