My Back Up

My eldest daughter is very much into jogging, we agreed to jog today but when I woke her up, Faith woke up too and told her to stay because she have no one to cling to on the bed. So I went out alone and besides we will have our annual checkup that I need to go after I jog so I am sure that Mj will get bored only to find out I still need her to go to the office because I forgot my ID. Good thing, I left some money at home, supposedly for sister Merlyn and an E-Load and she can give me the rest however it turns out to be her fare since she needs to go to the office in a taxi because if not, I may not going to finish the check up right away. I don’t want to go back there, going to every room for some check up. Mj is indeed my savior in times I need a back up.

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Will Have A Getaway This Weekend

My kids are very excited this weekend obviously because we will spend a night out in the beach. I planned this getaway for a week now and my kids are looking forward for it especially my youngest daughter. She has been preparing her toys for the beach for a week as well. This outing is for my family, the whole family including their cousins and my sisters. I will have two nights off from work, I filed a vacation leave a month ago and finally I can smell the breeze coming from the sea water, it has been a while. And it has been I had a little bonding with my kids, I wanted to be just with them but my eldest daughter suggested to bring the whole family instead, in that way it will be more fun. Good luck to my expenses.

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Comfort In The Office

Your office shouldn’t be a space that is dull and uninviting. If there’s no inspiration, then it makes it hard to get any work done during the day. You can search for leads for contractors who can give your office a makeover from top to bottom that will add brightness and cheer so that you want to work. The windows should be a focus of the space as you want as much natural light as possible. The contractor can work to add more windows to the room or to create a window space that allows as much light to enter as possible. You also want to think about the flooring that you have. Hardwood, linoleum or another flat surface instead of carpet makes it easy to roll in a chair from one area to another. However, carpet is more comfortable to walk on and gives a comfortable look to the office.

A sleek design is often the best way to go in regards to how the office flows from one side of the room to another. Create a large desk space with a corner area for storage. You also want to have cabinets that are placed above the desk that reach to the ceiling so that you can keep all of your supplies out of the way. A comfortable office chair is also something that you want to have on hand as you’re likely going to be sitting for long periods at a time. Lighting underneath the cabinets is ideal as it will give you a better view of completing paperwork and typing. Use softer lights so that the eyes aren’t strained.

If you don’t sit for a long time while you’re in the office, consider an edgy design with a stylish bar area for the desk and bar stools instead of office chairs. Hang lights above the bar for modern lighting along with decorative plants that brighten the space. White walls accent the darker look of the stools and the desk. Decorative stools with a back can also be used if you’re looking for a little more comfort while working.

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Where is the Love?

My kids had their recital on March 3 last month, I really asked my boss to allow me to take a half day absent because I need to attend and will watch their show. Good thing, they approved it, even though it was already the last minute that I informed them about the event.

I think I already posted here their recital but not this video that I will be posting a little bit later. I loved to dance and when I was still young, I used to dance; I even joined dance performance during our scholar’s sports fest in college. And I am proud to say that I and my team dance hip hop so well (grinning)  and maybe Mj took that talent from me because she danced so well too. She looks conscious with the stepping but she conquered it until the very last minute.

I was a proud Mom when I watched her and I can’t help to scream and cheer for her. Yeah, it sounded like she is in a competition, striving so hard to win, I feel like it.

On the other hand, I was able to take a video of her and her school mates dancing their heart out in NCCC Mall. They look so cool and I was teary eyed!

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