Walking Around The Village

I needed to fetch Faith early today so we can attend her Kumon but then when I got to school, they’re not done yet. The teacher told me that they are having a small birthday party. One of her classmates is celebrating her 9th birthday. We waited there for a long while since the snacks did not come yet. And I was sure we will not be able to get to her Kumon on time then I realized also that I wasn’t able to bring the Kumon worksheets. So it would be a waste of effort if we still go there.

I promised Faith that I will be walking her around the village before memorizing the Multiplication table. So when we arrived home, Faith changed her clothes right away then we walk around the village. She had a great time though especially when we dropped by at our friend’s house.

She had a blast today but right after she cried because of the Multiplication table. I asked her to memorize them but she tends to forget what number is next. We are still up to 6 though and I was planning for her to master the Multiplication table at least next month.


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Land Of Stories Series Missing Book 1 and 4

The Land of Stories series is recommended by Faith’s Dad on her birthday. I search for it in National Bookstore right away; we wrapped it and handed it to her at school. Since there was no Book 1, I skipped to Book 2, I thought she won’t like it or never would asked the rest of the series I was wrong because the moment she read the Book 2, she can’t help but looking for the rest of the series. So when I checked that the Book 3 was on sale, I bought it for her after few months, she even told me she keeps on skipping but she said its okay she had a good time reading it and then just recently, it was last Summer she saw the latest series of the Land of Stories. She begged me to buy, it was not on sale so it is obviously so pricey. But anyway, I told myself, she’s not using gadgets for these past weeks and only watching TV for one hour in a day so why not gave her a rewarded. Furthermore, it is better to get addicted with book than getting herself busy on gadgets. She skipped again the reason why we are looking for the missing series. Anyone?

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Never Heard A Complain At All

These past few days, I’d been so busy doing some school stuffs merely covering my kids books especially with Faith so that her stuffs won’t easily get torn up. After I covered her school books, she begged me to cover also her newly purchased books. She got 3 books for the land of stories. She had Book 2, Book 3 and Book 5 and all of it was not covered, she noticed that it was easily damaged so she asked me to cover the new one. I told her I would only cover her books if she would help and she was willingly lent me a hand. I guessed she was enjoying it because I didn’t hear any complain at all.

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Doing The Full Time Now

I already resigned and since my youngest daughter just had her classes started I am the one sending her to school and fetching her after. So far I am loving it, I mean I always loving it, just taking good care of them means a lot to me. I was a hands on Mom for almost 8 years and I love every bit of it. I am just hoping that we can take good care of everything without me working, so let’s see.

After sending my youngest daughter to school, I go to the gym too. I signed up for a month, and so not to waste my money for the one month fee, I need to attend to it every day. There were times that I don’t have the energy to run my errands but I need to do it after gym otherwise I will not be able to finish what I needed to finish for the day.

I may not be paying for a month next month; I guess walking is already good for me. The doctor said that I need to exercise everyday and do a healthy diet. I was able to talk to a former nurse about my condition when I was waiting for my youngest daughter in Kumon, she recommended me not to drink tea or slimming tea, I must avoid coffee and soft drinks. You see my SGPT is a bit high that causes my BP rises; I need to ultimately check my intakes not to trigger my condition.

The kids were so happy though that I am always at home, Mj even said when I’m at home everything seem so light, everything is organized. She hopes though that I will not be working again but she said she would still understand if I have to work again.


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