Her Electronic Music Endeavors

As I have mentioned in previous posts, my youngest daughter has started to learn to play the piano. To help her in her studies, we bought her an electronic keyboard. As she progresses we may add things to help her enhance her electronic music endeavors. We were thinking of getting her something like the akai apc40 Ableton Performance Controller which we can get from Musicians Friend. We are very happy with her progress so far and were proud of her when she did her best during her first recital. We are looking forward to see her continued progress and will do whatever it takes to give her the tools to improve.

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Events This Month For My Kids

There are many things about my kids I would like to share here but I always lost times. You see I’m a working Mom and most of the time I can’t update my blog. I am trying though but it just my time is not enough. So anyway, just this month I asked my supervisor if I can early log out because I need to attend my kids recital. This recital was supposedly scheduled on December but due to some unexpected events, the school move it to March 03, 2017 and since I don’t want to waste my time to nothing, I waited for the final schedule and when they have announced it, it is already too late I can’t plot a leave already. So I requested for my supervisor to allow me to take a half day so I can attend my girl’s recital.

Elementary was scheduled in the morning, I have to get Faith at home and thank GOD we were not late. When we arrived at the venue I unpacked Faith things right away but two teenagers approached me and they said that they were assigned to take good care of Faith so I can just enjoy watching the program. I didn’t expect it, so I gave them the bag of Faith and told them that all the stuffs that Faith’s needed is inside the bag.

The program was a success, I enjoyed it a lot especially I don’t have to worry for dressing Faith, and I had so much time to take a video and pictures of her. Faith did the piano as what she practiced at home. And guess what? I bought a piano because of this recital, I thought they will provide or let her borrow a piano but no; of course each of the kid will perform altogether on the stage so we need to bring our own piano.

It was my off that I went around the city to find a not so expensive piano, good thing I found one. It didn’t reach 4k so I was able to buy some grocery that we need at home.

On the other hand, high school will be held in the afternoon yet, so I need to wait for my eldest daughter to finish her performance, which I enjoyed a lot too. Mj was one of the dancers; she played drum for their band and a lead guitar for another set of music band. I can see her fulfillment when she did it. I am just so proud of her.

Now it’s their last week of their class and they are busy again for their moving up day. Their moving up will be on March 31st which is on Friday and geez it’s not even my off. Sigh!


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My Daughter And Her Music Band

 photo 13936705_1176356312437440_2136677823_n.jpgIt has been like 2 months already that Mj and her classmates have been practicing for their band. They are preparing for their contest on August. It will be held during their Buwanang Wika. There were times that I got mad at her because they sometimes went home late. They usually have their practice on Saturday in a music studio. She tried to explain that after their practice, her classmate would invite her to eat outside and she can’t say no to them since she is with them. And if she would decline them, they might think that she doesn’t like to belong in the group.

And me as a worried Mom, always telling her to get home early, but even she will be late she never missed to send me a text message of where they are and all that. I know my eldest daughter is a responsible kid but maybe just being a Mom we really could not avoid being pathetic of what might happen next?

The contest has been long gone, and their effort was not wasted because last week they announced the winner right away. They won the contest, now they are preparing for inter school competition and here I am again thinking of what time she will be coming home.


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I Had Never Learned

I am a music lover myself, I’d like to play guitar, piano, and drums, the only  one instrument that I feel weird on playing is a saxophone. But they said when a saxophone sound would be combine with other instrument it will sound so good and so melancholic. But even so, I’d love to play all the music instrument that I mentioned; I just don’t know how to play them. I tried the guitar one time but I had never learned. It is just hard for me; my fingers are so short that I could not reach the other string. On the second thought,  I think it is not too late to learn yts saxophone, I mean if my dream is to at least learn one of those instruments, why not learn the saxophone first. I heard it is so easy to learn this, you will just blow in the hole and it will create sounds right? Or whatever…

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