Her Dearest Bookworm Friend

Faith’s love books a lot, there are times that she would show it to her teachers at school. She just loves to read. She even completed the “The Land of Stories” series and even she already finished reading it. She would always go back and read it again that I think she already memorize all of the lines in the book.

One day she brought this book at school and she showed it to her teacher. Her teacher was amazed of how thick it is, this teacher also loves to read books. I was surprised because she posted pictures in FB and she tags me to it.

The Sugarcane And It’s Importance

My youngest daughter is fond of reading books, mostly she read Science related topic and there are times that she would share me the books that she reads. One of the books that she reads is about “The Sugarcane”.

And as I mentioned earlier, this book that we just bought is about the importance of a certain topic. So anyway here’s what sugarcane is all about.

If you go to Sugarcane farm, you would know that the stalk can grow the same as bamboo trees but they differ with the shoots because bamboo has a hollow shoot while the sugarcane has a solid core. And within the stalk of sugarcane is the sweet juice came from which is the main source of sugar. To those kids who don’t know yet where we get our sugar is from the sugarcane itself.

If you are going to plant the sugarcane you need to lay it to the ground. Just cut the section of the sugarcane to plant it. The buds of the sugarcane help the plant reproductive process.

Don’t you know that the sugarcane also have flowers on it and it actually grows but they appear rarely because the farmers will harvest them before the flower blooms. The farmers have to do the harvest before the sugarcane flowers because they need to gather the seeds for hybridization purposes.


Must Love Books

Now that Faith can read already, she won’t stop reading at all. Whenever she would ride in the car, expect that she would bring any book she can read. Sometimes though I keep on telling her not to read in the car because it can get bumpy at time and I heard it can damage eyes especially when she read at night. There are times that we can get home late already and since she could not do anything inside the car, she would grab her book and read. I am amazed with her but I don’t wonder of her loving books because her Dad love books as well. I am glad that she likes books, and she is not that hyper unlike before.

The head in Kumon even told me that she changed a lot, she is not perfect but at least she can listen to her teacher already or just sit down. I guess the therapy helped her a lot. Today, we have to make up classes since there were days that we were not able to attend the session. I wanted to stop already because it eats our time and money but since the session is doing well with Faith. I guess I have to really fit our budget so I can pay her tuition fee in Kumon. Oh GOD just guide us!