Her Electronic Music Endeavors

As I have mentioned in previous posts, my youngest daughter has started to learn to play the piano. To help her in her studies, we bought her an electronic keyboard. As she progresses we may add things to help her enhance her electronic music endeavors. We were thinking of getting her something like the akai apc40 Ableton Performance Controller which we can get from Musicians Friend. We are very happy with her progress so far and were proud of her when she did her best during her first recital. We are looking forward to see her continued progress and will do whatever it takes to give her the tools to improve.

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Most Moving Instruments

We all love music in our family, even Stinky the dog.  He will bark along with us when we sing.  I love music, especially music that is emotional.  One of the most moving instruments for me is the saxophone.  I love the sound of a good mellow song with a saxophone solo.  I love it enough to want to learn how to play one.  I know you can buy saxophone online.  Maybe I can talk my husband into getting me one for Christmas.  But to be honest, I have not seen that many female saxophone players.  Wonder If I could learn it.

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